Why live in a wormhole?

So, my friend Oreamos and I mused the other day about the reason why anyone would want to live in a Wormhole.  Don’t get me wrong, Anoikis is great and the risk / reward balance here is still very good. Recent buffs to sleeper loot makes running C1/C2 sites actually worthwhile – add to this the sheer number of connections in/out and its a very lucrative region of space.  Non surprisingly, we see an uptick in activity especially in the lower wormholes while the higher ones (C5/C6) still seem to be mostly farming holes of nullsec alts and are fairly quiet during peak hours.

But while increased activity, good loot and many routes mean, Anoikis is a great space to be, it doesn’t mean its a great place to live.

See, in the pre Hyperion days, connections were few and far between.  Our C4 hole had 1 static connection to a C3 which had 1 connection to the outside world.  There were wandering holes, of course and people connected to us but it wasn’t that easy to get to us, to be honest.  It was also pretty easy for us to close ourselves in, run sites, run PI and then roll the hole for better routes or content.  This secluded, hard to reach situation necessitated POSes  with the appropriate ship and equipment storage.  Now, the number of wormhole connections is staggering.  Not just between Anoikis space but also from known space to us, but also between k-space systems.  You wander into null or low sec, and you can nearly be guaranteed a WH-route to anywhere in New Eden.  Power projection through wormholes is now a “thing” even with the nullsec blobs.  Sure they don’t allow unlimited mass (yet) but they are certainly big enough for a team of 10 or so cruisers to transit a couple of times.

And thats all you need.  10 PvE cruisers can run any C4, even C5 sites (not capital escalated, of course) and present themselves as a decent enough blob to ward off the drive-by-gank.  A determined opponent of course will take them down, no question.  But the entire operation can be run from High Sec in total security.  Wormhole diving is back.

So, if I had to start a Wormhole corporation, I’d base it around Jita or Amarr.  I’d ask that everyone sets out with a Covert Operation ship and finds a suitable hole to run.  Or targets to shoot, whatever.  Come the weekend / fleet night, a decision is made what to do and the nearly guaranteed route is scanned down, ships are brought in and ships or sleepers are shot.  At the end of the night, exfiltrate out of the (nearly guaranteed) hole, put salvage on market and pay the fleet out.  Rinse and repeat.  It doesn’t even need 10 players, it really needs 3 or 4 with 2 alts each for anything up to C4.

Ok, so whats the advantage of doing that over the existing system where we live out of a POS.  Well, firstly, you woudn’t have to live out of a POS.  Its a pain and CCP has acknowledged for years that it is.  They just never get around to fixing it.  A decent – large – POS costs a ton of ISK plus fuel of  400mil / month (I need to check, I am working from memory).  The logistics of bringing fuel in / out is risky and painfully slow and of course there is always the chance to get a thief into the corp. Factor all that in and you could lose a fleet a few times before a POS paid for itself. And btw, POSes are not immune to getting killed of course.  On the upside, a POS allows manufacturing / invention and all that.  I am no expert but I don’t know just how much advantage these POSes have over a high sec POS or even stations.  I think one of the latest patches pretty much evened the playing field?  But manufacturing in Wormhole space means bringing in the minerals, nobody sane mines locally anymore, its just too dangerous.

So, who cares?  Well, the concept of owning space is an important one.  A roving WH-diving gang will not have the satisfaction of owning space, ever. This is important in a subliminal level, not just financial, the feature of truly owning space differentiates EVE from other games where persistence is not a core feature.  But that alone is not enough.  The risk and cost of owning something have to be reflected somewhere in the reward, i.e. if I own a POS and occupy the hole, I should get better rewards than a day tripper.  And I don’t mean just financially, I mean, better security, more chances to encounter other pilots or even have control over the number of connections or sites that spawn.  It’s pretty much what nullsec has currently in the maligned sovereignty system – upgraded systems are “better” in some ways.

I think this deserves a quick discussion now while the new sov systems are designed.  Maybe there are elements that can be transferred to our space as well.


Other thank ink that, CSM elections are coming up and while I am not entirely in the loop, there are two candidates that stand head and shoulders above the others and I shall give my recommendation in a separate posts.





6 responses to “Why live in a wormhole?

  1. Mike and Sugar have absolutely proven themselves worthy of another term imho. Still dredging my way through the various Cap Stable interviews. Be interested to hear your thoughts on the candidates too.

    Special mention (emphasis on the special) to the candidate who “emasculates others” just by being in channel…

  2. Don’t forget the PI. A hole with good PI is worth a lot more than one without in terms of living in Anoikis or not living in Anoikis.

    Plus, I mine in a hole (as well as do all the other usual things). I understand the risk, but the rewards are good enough to offset it.

    The big attraction for Anoikis for me is that I get to carve out my own pocket of space but without all the null sov political/game mechanic BS. That certainly doesn’t mean every single Anoikis system is worth living in, but the space, in general, definitely is.

    • Yes on all things. PI is important although I loathe doing it. It is indeed its own mini game especially when you own multiple planets and have the freedom to follow the market in what you make. But yes, nullsec-level planets are certainly a reason to life I a hole.

      As for mining, well, each to his own. I do mine occasionally in high sec and entirely afk. Mining is fun when one doesn’t have to be stressed about clicking dscan every 30seconds. I hope I run into your mining fleet one day 🙂

      Your last point is that exactly what I’d like to stress. The ability to own space without the nullsec nonsense is the biggest driver for me. This is my hole, my space and you will have to get through me (which isn’t hard, tbh) to take it. It’s the ultimate Wild West or Frontier Life experience. All I ask for is to buff this experience, make it worthwhile compared to incursion-style wormhole raids.

      • I get not liking to do PI. Not everyone does. Just like not everyone doesn’t like mining or mission running 🙂 But living in Anoikis is about exploiting every last bit of isk-making potential in the system. If a group lives in a hole and only runs sites, well, sure, they should move out and be daytrippers. But if a group does PI – especially PI – mines gas, mines the rocks when they spawn, etc, they’ll see a far greater reward than those that just run sites.

        I don’t just mine. I do PI, I gas mine, I run sites with the rest of the corp. I even do PVP and sometimes don’t die 🙂 I also dabble a bit in light industry. What I try not to do is concentrate on one thing. Having the PI and mining and indy to fall back on helps keep things fresh. Only slightly less important is the force-multiplying effect those other activities have on the potential wealth of any hole I’m living in.

        I would say that holes are now, and always have been, sufficiently more attractive to live in from an income perspective than simply day tripping would be. But only if the knuckle draggers are willing to engage their higher brain functions and participate in the thinking man’s industry/PI game, and only if the dirty industrialists are willing to put down their pens, hop in a ship, and do an honest day’s work shooting people 🙂

        Oh, and if you do run into my mining, uh, fleet, do please tell me where the rest of it is, as my solitary ship would love to have other mining barges for company 🙂

  3. OK… here we go…

    (1) living out of a POS… CCP has stated that is it a thing and will be addressed soon ™, IMHO ‘nough said.

    (2) The only POS a corp can actually live out of with any degree of security is a Lrg POS (the Matarii Lrg being best all ‘round for defense)…

    Fueling a Lrg POS costs approx 500m ISK per month unless you are smart and produce all POS fuel in the POS meaning you only have to buy and bring in ice prods, much cheaper and logistically far easier and safer. On the plus side, and yes, there is one, there will be them as want to do PI which is all well and fine… but have everyone in the corp do PI just for say, Robotics, help them get ‘em setup and running using the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) and that alone can easily pay for the ice plus the corp can even show a profit selling the excess Robos. I know, it’s what we do and it works. In 4 years in Anoikis I’ve lost at most 2 to 3 ships hauling fuels etc. … never once a fleet.

    (3) Industry… POSes are now bonused to the point of being far better than anything in Hi or Losec and on par with some Industry in Null. Making your own ammo n drones is simply smart corp business and I have no idea about this whole no one mines in holes anymore thing… we have in the past and still do today. With proper fleet, scouts, tactics and hole security you can avoid things like the stack of really undeccessary (for them) kills that we got HERE… So yeah, mining in holes is dangerous, so? just don’t be a ‘tard when munching rocks is all. Industry in holes does not mean ‘having’ to haul in the minerals… but it is one way you could use to take advantage of the bonuses… just not the way we do it.

    (4) Owning your own hole… kinda says it all right there now don’t it? =] We in Anoikis properly own our star systems for more effectively than anyone in null. We own them because we have boots on the ground as ‘twere… Yes, we can get evicted and I myself have even been involved in evictions… and yes it’s dangerous and your house is not bullet proof… kinda like RL that way now isn’t it? But it’s YOURS… you own it, you keep it up and running and it is your HOME more than any Station could ever be.

    And last but not least, your point.. “Upgrading holes to be like nullsec…”

    Oh please CCP, ignore this ok? You want to see greater rewards for owning your hole? Do PI… manage your sites, all of them… maintain a full set of up to date BMs on all-the-things and roll the holes you don’t want… There, done. No group of daytrippers are ever going to bash and pay to replace all the POCOs so they can set 0% tax for corp and 200% tax in everyone else… no group of daytrippers are ever gonna to see one red iskie from PI… and nowadays, PI can be very lucrative if you know what you are doing… we are talking multiple billions a month in the right holes… this is from experience.

    So… no. We need no mechanic or buff to the system as it stands now… No, just work the time proven mechanic of putting up a log cabin, shooting the wolves and plowing your fields… then kill off an Injuns that dare threaten your homestead and you can get everything you need in the way of upgraded living right there… good old fashioned blood, sweat and… yup, Ima say it… tears. The kind you get when you kill or run off the carpetbaggers… =]

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