Where is Orea?

The Supreme Leader of our alliance attended Fanfest 2015 and reported regular updates on his twitter account.  His acolytes including your humble author have been in touch regularly with him to respond to intelligence that he may develop, manipulate the market swiftly and place scouts in systems to Entosis-ize vast swaths of space.  [insert soundclip of maniacal laugh]

But Friday, the Dev Pubcrawl was announced.  Our Esteemed Commander partook apparently and may have abandoned his usual reserved self.

Below a transcript of a Google Chat conversation from Saturday morning:

03.20.2015 09:34  Epigene: Good Morning

03.20.2015 10:12   Oreamnos Amric: Urgh

03.20.2015 10:13  Epigene: Are you alright? How was the pubcrawl?


A quick ping to our alliance mate who we sent as body guard and wingman to protect our Father of the Nation:

03.20.2015 14:45  Kennesaw Breach: I found Orea

03.20.2015 14:45  Epigene: Is he alive?  Dead?  Tattooed?  Pregnant?  Tell, man, tell.


So, as of right now, Illusion of Solitude has lost its leader.  If anyone has seen him, please give him back his kilt and mail him to the nearest Scottish Embassy.

If he doesn’t show up by Monday, I shall take all his ships.


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