Fanfest 2015 – Remote Recap

As dumb luck would have it, RL prevented me from “working from home” last week which in turn meant that I could only catch fanfest in short bursts when:

  • On the john.  “Yes.  I have digestive issues, thats why it takes me 30 min to take a dump. Got a problem with that, want to discriminate?  I’ll call HR”
  • Driving.  This is actually pretty good, the video portion is overrated of the stream.  Why would I stare at pale and sickly looking male neckbeards standing on a stage for hours.  Most of the information is voice.
  • At work on cell phone (work blocks all game-related websites).  We have a lot of conference calls at work and nobody bats an eye when I am on yet another one. That doesn’t work all the time. I have colleagues who can see my calendar.  I have not invented meetings yet to cover up – my plan for next year.

So, with this disjointed viewing, I don’t get much detail but I do get a decent cross section of the program.  I get Fozzy talking about Sov, I get someone talking about new structures and I get the art panel talking about, well, Art.  I missed the keynote and the trailer (both, Valkyrie and the other one) but neither was rated really highly anyway.  So, those clips and the sporadic tweets gave me a pretty good picture what was going on in Iceland.

CCP has embraced the sprint system.  I can’t recall how many times I heard praises about that system being sung by developers.  This makes me suspicious.  In my experiences, all developers overpromise and underdeliver and this “oh I can release it when its ready” is just too good an excuse for farting around on a fussball  table instead of working. But hey, don’t mind me, I am just mean and evil spirited.

So, what actually happened?  Sov 5.0 (or some other number) will be rolled out.  Not sure how it actually work but in the end, larger corporations will own big chunks of space and smaller corporations will complain that they don’t stand a chance.  Sounds familiar?  See the fallacy in thinking is that large corps are large for no good reason. They are large because they are good at what they do and do it with determination.  Change the game tactics, they will adapt and if not, some other corporation will take its place and grow to project power.  Because despite all the little attempt to fragment own-able space, more ships = more power.  No clever mechanic can fix that and I am not sure it should.  Large and well organized corporations should own nullsec but they should constantly have to fight for it.  Thats the difference and I am not yet sure if the proposed mechanics will achieve that.

Corbexx allegedly defected to GSF or some such, his corp NoHo voluntarily leaving WH space.  I voted for him, endorsed him, even and I’d lie if I told you that I wasn’t disappointed.  But a) I don’t know if it is actually true and b) he is a good guy and can likely bring his acumen and CSM experience to the nullsec revamp.  Wormholes are pretty much done for the moment, so I don’t mind if he takes a sabbatical.  He’ll be back.  Wormholers don’t go back to 10000 man fleets.

The art panel showed some gorgeous changes, rust on (Minmatar) ships, dirt on golden Amarr boats, it was beautiful.  All we now need is a system where experienced pilots actually look at their ship when they fly it and not just their overview and D-scan.

There was more, of course, I caught a bit of the new player experience talk and what I saw was very encouraging.  Mind, you, not in term of game design but it the openness of the presentation, the almost pathological desire to tell everyone that people at first hate EVE.  I personally had a different newb story and enjoyed figuring this all out and not getting it all handed to me was part of the game play but I guess I am not representative of the new players CCP wants to attract.  I salute the effort and wish them all the best.

That’s it, my impression of fanfest, CSM and beyond – it appeared a well-rounded event devoid of hype (where was Legion, btw) which marked contrast to previous events.  But this reflects Seagull’s new CCP – steady, calm and deliberate instead of lurching forward from press release to press release.

Good luck and see you in Las Vegas!



5 responses to “Fanfest 2015 – Remote Recap

  1. Eve is growing up so fast.. just like RL where politicians make a 360 turn after voting is done. I just wonder how many parrots you need on the CSM repeating the CFC position.

    • That’s one way to look at it. I choose to believe that even the goons want lots of new players in the game. Nullsec sells the game, epic battles drive the content, not industry, not PvE. Having Corbexx bring his experience from WH space into nullsec can positively influence the debate.

      • But Goons don’t give two shits for the rest of the game… Mittens made that clear when he was a CSM… he was here for Goons and Goons only. I have seen nothing in their gameplay or tactics in the last few years that changes anything.

        Goons have also pretty much stayed out of wormholes as a Coalition/Alliance because movement and supporting really large groups (say 1000+) is a pain… no Outposts, no gates, no local and no tech moons… living in Anoikis takes work and dedication and time. Oh there are some Goons who dabble in holes, but the CFC is not there in force… with the Sov changes and luring Corbexx to their side, one cannot help but wonder if this might change…

        And if you wanna really see Anoikis die… just let Goons decide it is a place they want to be, so are you really ant Corbexx ‘influencing’ the debate as a Goon??? I sure as hell don’t.

        An uh… no. Epic Battle make NEWS… not the game. I don’t know about you but nothing in null has ever driven one second of my content… other than to bore me to tears for a few painful yet unpleasant weeks…

        Oh, and yeah, Industry does drive content… see how things would be if all industry was shut down for say one month… the amount of ‘content’ driven from that would far outstrip anything that ever happened in null.

        • Thanks Tur, I am glad we have that weird phase behind us where we agreed with each other. It was getting to me, I appreciate setting the world right again.

          Goons being there to ruin the game, its propaganda to keep their brainless F1 monkeys entertained. In the years we played the game, nothing the goons have done came even close to “ruin” the game strategically. Of course they ruin the game for individuals and smaller corporations but thats how the world (and EVE) works. Gallente Ice Interdiction, Burn Jita, dominate all high sec POCOs? Kill Brave? Kill NC. ? All of them were discussed in the blogsphere with breathless enthusiasm. None of them came even close to damage “the game”. Invading and ruling all of WH space? Let them! This happens and corporations like NoHo would find large fights and stay in their C6 fortresses. Blood Union would have the most amazing log off traps and us little guys would blue up and hunt them down. If the goons wanted to move into WH space – why on Earth would they need Corbexx for that? There are plenty of people in Nullsec who used to be highly active in Wormhole space and are likely better qualified than he is. Heck, one of our former key FCs had his main in Goonwaffe. And the assertion that Corbexx somehow influences CCP to make sure that Goons can invade WH space is Dinsdale-scale tinfoil. I personally think its an excellent move. Corbexx has been good for the game – in our case WH space – and he will continue to be good for the game in Nullsec.

          As for content, large scale Nullsec / Low Sec fights create the press that creates new subscriptions that create new demand for industrial goods. EVE at its core is a PvP game and the industry is driven toward it. If all fights stopped, industry would be dead- the number of ships lost in mission running pales compared to what LS goes through.

          Overall, the game – and yes, wormholes – are in a far better space than they were 2 years ago and far better than when Mittani was on CSM. So, even with a powerful CSM chairman directly from GSF and with Goon presence on every single CSM the game has improved. I have great hopes for the future

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