Summer has started

I noticed summer had started when my European colleagues have “out of office” messages that read something like this:

Dear customer or colleague, I am out of the office from May 24th to September 1st. I will not check my work email and only use my laptop to play games and make sure my pay checks have cleared.  If you have any urgent issues, please do not mail me, I won’t receive it and I won’t care. Since all my colleagues are also off at the same time, nobody will answer.

When I come back, I will likely be so exhausted from my vacation that I will take a month sick leave.  Or I will be pregnant in which case I will take 5 years paid maternity leave.

Have a nice summer

What that means for me?  Not much, I work in the US where the messages are something like this:

Dear customer or colleague, I am out of the office from May 24th 9pm to May 25th 4am.  In urgent cases, call my cell phone that I had surgically implanted and that can not be turned off. If I don’t answer within 3 rings, it will be forwarded to my supervisor and the HR department so that I may apply for fair and severe punishment.  Since I don’t know if I have a job when I return, please call the office switchboard who will be delighted to connect you to myself or my successor.



Well, for me, I just wrapped up my last trip for May and am looking at a pretty free calendar for June.  Time to plan a vacation!  I have 170 hours to burn before December 31st (plus public holidays and 3 “floating holidays” whatever they are).

But free time, low work load and gorgeous weather don’t mean that I spend it with spaceships.  I do log in frequently and scout, scan and generally make a nuisance out of myself but my heart is not in it.  I rather sit on the porch with a glass of something alcoholic and pretend I am some kind of plantation owner.  I also started running and cycling again, its already hot outside and managed to get my weight down to nearly my target.  So, life is good with or without EVE Online.

Highlight of the last three days was this Buzzard.  On paper its of course a classic case – a hacking Covops with tongue hanging out in deep concentration of the hacking minigame missed the combat probes.  Well, that’s how it went, sort of.  With one slight wrinkle –  that Manticore that I currently fly as my CovOps doesn’t have a expanded core probe launcher.  It also doesn’t have torpedoes, bombs or tanks.  It has rockets and 2 scrams (4 points) and its only purpose in life is to hunt Covops like the one above.  In this specific case, I needed to scan down the signature, fly in, make a warp in, bounce off a celestial, warp back in (and hope that the Buzzard was still there).  I landed 4km off him, no decloak delay, 2 scrams, web and much rocketry ensued.  I was a pretty sight and yes I forgot to take a screenshot.  D-scan was pretty empty until the Buzzard was dead, then an Interceptor showed up on scan but not on grid.  I had time to loot / shoot the wreck and go home in peace with a smile on my face.

Happy summer!


2 responses to “Summer has started

  1. Man, I miss the nineties. We do have paid maternity leave for men too now though, makes up for some of the vacation time the corporate oppressors took away 😛

    • Its even worse in the US – all my colleagues have weeks of vacation left that we can’t take. For once, taking vacations is equated with “sloth” and hence a sin in this puritan country. Secondly, in a rapidly changing environment, you need to prove your worth every day or be subject of the next round of restructuring. Without any job security other than what you create daily for yourself, people don’t want to leave their desks due to the very real worry that there won’t be one when they get back

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