Winning EVE

As hinted at in my previous post, I did manage to squeeze some vacation into this summer, I am writing this post on some crummy hotel wifi (the first internet connection I had for 3 days) and I am already regretting checking my work email – apparently, I am on the road for pretty much all of July.

But for now, I am still out here in the comparative wilderness, managed to see 3 bears yesterday alone and had some amazing hikes.  Life is good.

A little distance to EVE and online culture is cathartic and I began to wonder what place the game will have when I return.  Both of my remaining regular readers may have noticed my gradual detachment, a couple of years ago, I was very active in the management of our little corporation and alliance, recruited tons of people and in general, had made EVE my center point for non-work relaxation.  Real life circumstances changed and I struggled for a while to keep the same focus on EVE but it just didn’t work.  I can’t pretend that I am very active in the game or that I have a massive desire to log in. Living in a wormhole and flying with friends doesn’t actually help.  There is always the nagging guilt that I am not hauling fuel, exporting loot, recruiting and do all the things a wormhole corporation needs to get done.  Social games bring social expectations and if you can’t or won’t live up to them, resentment slowly creeps in.  Which does not help to motivate me to log in more, of course.

I know, my absence is temporary, EVE is one of the best games that I have ever played and the people I met have become true friends.  I will return with more energy but for now, I am contemplating new avenues for me to explore in New Eden.  For me, “Winning EVE” is not to rage quit and burn all my assets but to adapt, find an acceptable activity level that fits in the real life schedule and preference.

I am open to suggestions.



5 responses to “Winning EVE

  1. Epi, you deserve this time away. Eve has its way of luring pilots back to the helm, and that will come in time. I have dabbled in many different styles of Eve gameplay, but none have been for as long as you were doing your thing in w-space. There is something refreshing about taking on an entirely different role in Eve, and I think you’ll be glad you did. Thank you for letting me fly with your guys in w-space a while back. I was having an absolute blast (so did my poor Nemesis…and pod), and the only reason I had to leave was because of what you pointed out in this post about real life obligations. My Eve existence for the last couple years has been that of a solo player, but that’s all my life can handle at the moment. Although I don’t comment as much anymore, I still read your posts. I guess I’m the third reader? 😜. I hope you find something you enjoy. Hit me up in-game if you’re ever so incredibly bored that that you consider popping the airlock on your pod (DON’T DO IT!!!). Take care my friend. o7

    • Thanks mate, much appreciated. Yes, we had a good time, albeit short in one corp together.

      Tbh, I don’t quite know what I will do next, I like the crew I am with and I will certainly try to fly with them. Just WH life may have to take a back seat. Was wondering if I should try to do some real industry but I don’t even know where to start and likely have a year of skill training before I am anywhere near competitive!

      The other exciting thing right now is nullsec, was wondering what the new sovereignty changes bring – we shall see.

      Bottom line, like yourself, I need find a style that suits my RL and a very casual environment. I do hope I see you in space as long as you don’t make me blow up old towers for hour on end 🙂

  2. I don’t like the guilt you get for not being able to pull your weight in EVE, even if others you fly with don’t mind. I do like your sentiment – winning EVE is finding an acceptable activity level that fits in with real life and not just quitting. Some might question that – but anyone who has played this game for a long time and has a busy real life understands exactly what you are talking about. I hope you keep on winning at EVE.

    • Yes, I agree, this is a consequence of a sandbox game where one’s actions actually matter. Inaction is also an action and therefore matters as well. In large corporations, I would have likely been kicked out by now.
      My corp “Z3r0 Return Mining” has always prided itself to be laissez faire and with warning, we allow members to be offline as long as it takes.

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