Well, I finally did it, I packed my stuff, emptied the hangar, exported my ships, quietly left the wormhole and dropped corp.  Its not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but for me this is huge.  Z3R0 Return Mining is my corporation, Illusion of Solitude my Alliance.   I did a couple of sojourns into FW and even RvB but always returned to my guys in their slightly anarchic hole.

Last look at the POS where I lived for a few years

Last look at the POS where I lived for a few years

I laid out my reasons for leaving – real life is just nuts at the moment and I can never guarantee when I will be online, for how long or in what kind of shape.  And small teams like ours rely on each other more than some enormous nullsec outfit, perversely, while we spend most of our life cloaked from our enemies we can’t hide from our friends.  It becomes very obvious who is slacking and who is pulling his weight and while Z3R0 is an incredibly tolerant corporation, there are hard limits on inactivity and lack of engagement.  And thats where I am.

I will miss my guys, grumpy Gerandor, mercurial Falou, even-keeled Oreamnos, upbeat Studley, Kennesaw with his radio voice and Whiskey-fueled Football Fighting songs, Storm and Evenstar who somehow balance work, family and game and Rhianna with his sharp wit backed up by Marauder-class battleships.  Then there is Draganica who mostly acts as adult supervision when we are about to lemming our battle ventures and Epicurus who knows every fit ever conceived and has written about 30% of all EVE-O posts – ever.  To all of you – and everyone else in IoS, thank you, see you in space, you are all blue to me!

But it is time to move on and find other things that keep me occupied in New Eden and that fit my schedule.

For now, I will camp out in my own alt-corp and see what mischief I can come up with. Mission running is not my thing until I really run out of cash and even then, I think I’d rather inject a PLEX than run L4s for hours.  Mining – ditto.  Industry – maybe.  I know little about it and I may start learning a little.  I am very good with PI and can certainly bootstrap myself but High Sec planets suck – that would have to be at least Low Sec.  One of the things I enjoyed doing solo are deep raids into nullsec – similar to what I did before.  The exploration sites are actually quite valuable and local channel makes nullsec nearly risk-free.  Add to that a huge number of Wormhole connections to get in / out and Nullsec lends itself very well to raiding and maybe, just maybe the occasional murder.  Or maybe I use the new Entosis thing and claim Sov!  Wouldn’t that be something 🙂

But for now, I have plenty of ISK, a very substantial stable of solidly-fit ships and nothing to lose.  If I just had time to play!  But then, if I had, I wouldn’t be in this situation – I’d be with my team mixing it up.

Alright, onward and upward, lets shoot all the things.



PS.  Here are a couple of screenshots on my way out of “Tim” our Z3R0’s C4.  





4 responses to “Onward

  1. Ahhhh RL > EVE… sucks dunt it?

    I am not yet at the point of leaveing… not yet. But I haven’t logged on in like a week… and for me that’s a big thing. We shall see what we shall see I guess…

    Good luck wherever you fare my friend… and remember to keep her wheels side down… =]

    • Thanks Tur, glad you are not leaving either. We still have to blow some ships up together, our own if we have to! No, I am not quitting and the wheels are down but I am on the side side of some rather large ocean trying remember why I traveled here and who I need to talk to tomorrow… See you in space…

    • Today I am at least on your side of the Atlantic. Well, until tomorrow ;). Schafferle says “hi”, we just had beers – we missed you, we were you?

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