Camping trip


And yes, I bought it because it is pretty...

And yes, I bought it because it is pretty…

I just made it back home after a work trip oversees and decided to spend the Saturday decompressing, doing laundry and getting over the jetlag – catching up with work emails will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

And with this, I found myself logging into EVE – first time since I left my team.  Its a weird feeling, EVE is so social that I had equated “logging in” with “flying with someone”.  Now, there was nobody but myself in form of two characters.  Its quite liberating in some ways but also quite worrying – whatever I do, there will be no backup, nobody will bail me out if something goes wrong.
Ok, so first, where am I?  I found a lovely little Cx (OPSEC!), its a Black Hole and when I found it, it had no Signatures or Anomalies left indicating a fairly active money-making operation. Needless to say, that piqued my interest, it means that there are site runners that I can drop on.  I bring my 2 main characters in cloaky ships, a Tengu and a PvE-fit Stratios respectively.  The Stratios is a bit unusual for me I tend to avoid expensive boats and I think this one is more expensive that my Proteus (R.I.P.).  The Tengu, I had for so long, I think its Bob’s own pet ship, it never even got a scratch.  Its still fit exactly like pjharvey taught us – that tells you the age.  If that dies, I know I angered Bob and I will quit Wormhole space.

So, with Tengu and Stratios logged in, I am surprised to see a number of signatures and scan them down, the Wormhole-usual mix of Gas, Hacking sites.  Plus 2 combat anomalies that look quite tasty.  A single wormhole back to Empire that I quickly put eyes on.  I tend to scan with combat probes – not as efficient as Core probes but it satisfies my paranoia of a fleet of recon ships sitting on some safe spot, giggling.  It also sends possible aggressors a warning that combat-ready ships are inbound.  Little they know, its just 1 guy who can’t kill a Heron on a good day.

Yes, a Heron comes through the static hole and starts scanning.  I have a pretty good idea what he is here for (hacking) and casually park my Tengu at the first Signature’s Tac(tical Bookmark).  He warps in, motors to the can and keeps scanning (I can tell since his probes are moving).  That means, he has the Map open – I wait until he is at a can (so that he has the map and the minigame open) and warp right on top of him with my Tengu.  Its a picture-perfect takedown, missiles in flight, web, scram, the whole thing.  My Stratios watches the only hole in case my victim has friends but nothing. Beautiful.  First day in my own corp and I have a kill.

Except, I don’t.  He warps off – likely warp stabbed.  He didn’t motor out of my range, that I know.  He is in structure and one more salvo would have been enough to finish it – I had not bothered overheating the launchers.  Damn, it, that was close.

He is still on D-scan.  Now that the game is up, may as well combat scan him down, I have nothing better to do.  He is pretty evasive, I lack practice and I am getting nowhere.  But I notice that he doesn’t warp to celestials as I would but apparently to the sites that he scanned down.  Ballsy, I must say.  I think I find his current Signature and move the Scanning probes off him – give the impression that I don’t have a lock and lull him in false confidence.  Warp into my Tac, and true enough there he is.  Warp again on top of him, decloak, weapons hot, scram and I can see that his shield has recovered.  Overheat launchers, first salvo takes his shields down, he warps off.  Oh well.

We do this one more time before he has enough and escapes through the still single hole that has now gone EOL.  I don’t even know where it leads but I decide not to bother but run the 2 anoms with my PvE-fit Stratios. Never done this before and its a good experiment to do.

My Stratios is a weird boat – kind of like my old Proteus a Swiss Army knife.  It can everything ok-ish but nothing well.  As a Drone Boat, I have a full complement of drones, it uses the Medium Ancillary Armor Repairer for some NS anoms that hit like dump trucks and it does have lasers to catch Aggro from rats. The lasers mean, insane cap usage and even with  Large Capacitor Battery and the Large Capacitor Recharger, I am not cap stable, 2:33, is all I have.  Now, that’s with Ancillary running, but I am very vulnerable to neuts and my DPS is so-so (Lasers 84.3, Drones 386).  But as a good Swiss Army knife, it is very, very versatile.  I even carry spare drones and a Mobile Depot plus a couple of Remote Armor Repairers.  The boat is designed to live way behind enemy lines virtually forever.


[Stratios,  Whisk]
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Medium Ancillary Armor Repairer
Medium Armor Repairer II
Damage Control II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Large Capacitor Battery II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Omnidirectional Tracking Link II
10MN Afterburner II

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Focused Medium Pulse Laser II
Core Probe Launcher II
Focused Medium Pulse Laser II
Focused Medium Pulse Laser II

Medium Anti-Explosive Pump I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Hammerhead II x9
Warrior II x5
Salvage Drone I x4
Curator II x2
Garde II x4
Hobgoblin II x13
Vespa EC-600 x5

Sisters Core Scanner Probe x16
Scorch M x5
Nanite Repair Paste x300
Conflagration M x3

I am no fitting expert – I tried this fit out on SiSi and it works well enough – but I really want to swap out the power hungry Lasers against something that adds punch and survivability to PvE and PvP encounters.  I was thinking neuts, NOS,  or Drone Link extenders but its very situational.

Well, I take this boat to one of the anomalies, decloak at 75km or so, drop the mobile tractor thing and chill while the resident NPC firmly focus their Aggro on me.  When that is done, I let my Hobs clean the frigates, then swap to Hammers for the cruisers.  Why no Sentries?  The sleepers change aggro a lot and my drones are often primaried.  If I used Sentries, I would have to pull them in to strip the aggro but that would mean, I need to stay put.  I don’t like that, bad guys could be warping onto a stationary target which is either the Anom (no scanning required) or my mobile tractor (scanning required and I hope I catch probes). I like to move around a lot – Afterburner on means that its not all that easy to catch me.   My alt in his Tengu spreads the combat probes out so that they cover the entire system but can not be seen on D-scan.  Anyone coming in, a new hole spawning, I should see very quickly.  If its small, I may use the Stratios as Bait – it does have a beastly tank (as said, its very sensitive to neuts) but the ace in the hole is of course the Tengu.

But nothing happens, sleepers go “pop” and once its all said and done, my Salvage drones do a decent job of cleaning up.  Salvage drones are messy mechanic, not really good enough for WH life where speed matters and the occupy valuable Drone Bay space.  I may swap them out / in using mobile depots when the situation allows.  Originally, this boat was fit for NS deployments where salvaging is entirely optional.  In wormhole space, much of the sleeper value is in the salvage.

Well, 2 Anoms later, 32 Mil ISK in loot and salvage, dropped off in the EOL Highsec and my game time is done.  Shame about that Heron but you can’t have everything.

A fun day out in EVE.


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