Too Soft for EVE

My characters are camping a C1 as explained here. I scan down all the things between conference calls and keep an eye on the system in case something exciting happens.

We have a low sec exit, I scanned it down 2hours ago.  I don’t have eyes on it, don’t even know where it leads.  I’ll do that later.  I have eyes on the POS and a Nullsec hole – that leads to goon space and had ~10 in local last time I checked.

First time I see the local resident!  He sits in his POS in a Drake.  Thats plenty of firepower to take down C1 sites and a perfect target for my waiting 2 Tengus.

Core Probes on D-scan. We have company.  Is it the the resident scanning down the system before running sites?  Please, oh please, please.

Still core probes.  Whoever is scanning isn’t fast.

Cheetah on D-scan.  Name does not match the local’s ship naming structure.  There are solid reasons for CovOps’ names not being consistent with the names of the main fleet but my local host doesn’t strike me as the combat vet that would think about nuances.  No, assessment – this is a new party scanning down the system.

He didn’t come from Null Sec, chances are, he came from the Low.  There are – of course – more wormholes in the system right now (including the static) but they are all End of Life (EOL), hence I rate it less likely that someone came that way.

Logic tree – what is he doing?  He has core probes out and there are 20+ signatures here (I know all of them).  These are mostly Gas sites with only 1 hackable combat sites that doesn’t spawn hostile ships.  Plus several wormholes.  Our Cheetah may look for a route, solo hacker or scout of for a gas-harvesting fleet. The two first options are more likely than the third.

I move my Tengu pilot from the nullsec to the Hacking Site, 160km off the nearest can.  I move my alt to the low sec at 100km, just to keep an eye on potential fleet mates.

Nearly on the second as I predicted, Cheetah decloaks in the middle of the Hacking Site and attacks a can.

Quick check: His corp is Faction Warfare, a very large one at at.  His Killboard is all low / nullsec and big fleet stuff.  He certainly goes out and shoots things but I can’t see any wormhole engagement. He does not know that I am here (been cloaked for hours) but the piloted Drake in the POS is pretty obvious.  Our Cheetah may well be bait for a fleet coming from Low sec.

As it happens, my next conference call is in 20minutes.  I was going to get lunch.  Oh well, I need to lose weight anyway.

No subtlety, my Tengu warps on top of him, engages all the things and shoots him dead.  Its fast, brutal and efficient – In case he is warp-stabbed, I try to bump but he isn’t.

Cheetah becomes Wreck.

There was no Cavalry.  Truly solo character.

He convos me:

Epigene > hello
Cheetah Pilot > fml. of course I had to lag 😛
Cheetah Pilot > d scan was unresponsive, and then oh hi there!
Cheetah Pilot > sadness
Epigene > well, sorry about the dscan
Cheetah Pilot > not your fault

so far so good.  He takes it like a good sport.  I neglected to check if he is a total newb in which case, I shall explain what happens and pay for some of the damage.  Yes, I am that guy.

Epigene > didnt check – are you newb?

at this point I notice that his Pod is sitting right next to me. I could shoot it, I guess.  But since I am talking to him now, that would not be sporting.

Epigene > btw, may want to warp off

He warps off.

Cheetah Pilot > well newb is a bit dependant on what you consider newbish
Cheetah Pilot > like what for you, is a newb.
Epigene > less than 2 months 🙂
Cheetah Pilot > For me, I’ve been playing a year, wormholing for 9 months.
Epigene > ok, so you know the risk, yes?
Cheetah Pilot > So no I’m not a newb per say, but I just have the worst fucking luck with my connection deciding to crap out on me when I need the responsive ness
Epigene > ok, thats a problem
Cheetah Pilot > oh fuck yeah I do dude. I’m not angry. I just was hoping you weren’t russian 😛
Epigene > not russian here

Whats wrong with Russians?

Alright, so he isn’t new and he knows the risk.  He blames the old “lag” as source of his issues. Whether true or not, I can not judge.  I should stop talking at this point.  Further convo – he hadn’t seen the Drake.  Who by the way just logged off.  I am annoyed, our little frackas likely scared him.  Although, we are not on Dscan from his POS.

Cheetah Pilot > my luck, bad as it is, is more worried about being scanned down/landed on grid with
Epigene > yes,
Cheetah Pilot > less worried about the random ship warping in from a combat site
Epigene > the problem is that all locals have these sites scanned down long time before you come
Epigene > (thats what I just did)
Cheetah Pilot > I thought that the sites always spawned in different sites.
Cheetah Pilot > or am I missinformed
Epigene > no, you are correct
Epigene > but I scanned the site down 2 h or so ago
Epigene > and made tactical BMs

So. He is a newb – not in months but in experience or knowledge.  EVE is a punishing environment but you can’t learn if don’t experience it.  Hence my lesson for the day.

Cheetah Pilot > eh, I’ve been WH jumping around. I mean, sure I came in from low, like 2 weeks ago, but I’ve been hopping around since than
Cheetah Pilot > I go for week-trips occasionally to attempt to make money
Epigene > ok, thats fair
Epigene > hey, I need to go. but we are good? no hard feelings?
Cheetah Pilot > and this is my luck….every time I think it’s going to be different
Cheetah Pilot > but every fucking time….
Cheetah Pilot > this makes 7 weeks in a row
Epigene > oh dear
Cheetah Pilot > no hard feelings, but I’m just angry at this game and at my connection to it

Sigh. What shall I do.  Now that the adrenaline (epinephrine for our British friends) abates, he is getting angry.  I don’t need angry, I get enough in my daily life from colleagues.  Angry is something nullsec-ers do.  And why I don’t fly there.

My conference call is coming shortly.  I need to close this discussion.

Epigene > do you have a ship near?
Epigene > I drop your loot
Cheetah Pilot > no
Cheetah Pilot > like I said, I make long trips into wh’s
Cheetah Pilot > I have one ship and I don’t live in this whole
Cheetah Pilot > hoel*
Cheetah Pilot > hole*
Cheetah Pilot > I can’t pick up my loot…..I have no ship
Cheetah Pilot > I’ll say it again. I don’t have a pos in here or anywhere close by
Epigene > sec
Epigene > I know, I was trying to give you your stuff back, so keep calm, please
Cheetah Pilot > I’m not angry at you
Cheetah Pilot > I just need to, rant sometimes, you know?
Epigene > sure, please rant. unfortunately I have to really go afk
Epigene > next time I am at a station, I will contract you the stuff, deal?
Cheetah Pilot > fine
Epigene > ok, take care.

The problem is that I don’t have a route for the next few days.  When I finally find a high sec hole (3 jumps over), I swap one of my two PvP Tengus for a PvE-ish Stratios and contract the dropped loot to my target.

Its actually quite a lot (>50mil worth) but I gave my word.  The entire kill was >90 mil, but since my API does not connect to Z-killboard (and apparently my target’s API neither), there is no public record for me to link.  You, Dear Reader just have to take my word for it.

I never heard back from the Cheetah Pilot.  May he fly in peace and learn his lessons.

about ISK 53mil in loot

about ISK 53mil in loot

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