Hello Joaquin

A couple of months ago, I thought my work life would slow down a bit during the late summer – that was unfortunately not true.  Nearly every week, I spent a few days flying somewhere, fixing things (or breaking things, depends who you ask) and with little energy reserves left for spaceships. Which is a shame because I have newly-found enthusiasm for EVE-online.

Why the surge in my appreciation for this game that we all know is dying? Well, I tried a couple of other games – Elder Scrolls Online for example and found  them wanting.  Don’t get me wrong, ESO is a great game – it is what WoW could have been, much more engaged leveling, crafting and questing system, a combat system that actually is challenging and very high quality (for an MMO) graphics.  I bought the game when it became free-to-play and enjoyed it for a while until the novelty wore out.  All games fade compared to the depth, the beauty and the complexity of EVE online and whenever I logged into my ESO character, I was wondering why I am not logging into EVE.

Add to this that I thoroughly enjoy my time in Noir Academy – I fly with people who know what they are doing, are always willing enthusiastic to help and have no expectations, as a student, I am allowed to only fly cheap stuff lest I ruin our killboard efficiency.  It suits me well and hence I roam with FCs who – I hope – start  to know me as a reasonably good scout who is comfortable in any boat as long as it has a cloak. That is eventually what I want to be excellent in and while I take Interceptors out as well, I am not in love with them.

And thus came my kill of the week just on Thursday – a Cyclone that my fleetmates tackled and that I barely managed to get onto the kill, I was 2 systems over watching a station when the action went down.  I am not proud of my involvement (I did nothing) but its my only kill in 3 weeks, so there it is.  Oh and if you wonder about the bomber fit that I used, here it is.  I lost it fair and square because I was greedy and stupid, greedy because an Archon jumped into my side of the gate and I could not resist to decloak and open fire  – I have never once shot at a Capital ship before (other than Orcas).  Stupid because I staid on grid too long when I saw only Battleships come though whose locktime I thought I could beat just for a few more seconds.  And then the Loki scrammed, webbed and killed me.  Oh well. At least the Exotic Dancer was rescued later by the folks that shot me and that is all that mattered to me.  (everyone knows how much I care about non-capsuleers getting rescued, right?)

Other than having fun in game, I also think EVE is on the right trajectory.  CCP has reached a balance of innovation paired with customer feedback – the recent change back from frequent patches to more meaningful expansions indicates to me that they are not afraid of monitoring their performance and correcting their course when necessary.  Immature companies don’t have the confidence for that, so I think CCP has turned the corner to a proper software house.  All we now need is that they formally cancel Legion and DUST and make sure that Valkyrie is more than a novelty for fanfest demonstrations.

Speaking of fanfest, as a registered fansite operator (yay me!), I was approached by @CCP_Logibro with the offer of free tickets to EVE Vegas.  Real life etc meant that I could not commit for a while but for 2 weeks now, I have been trying to contact him (and @CCP_Guard) to confirm my registration.  I have sent 4 mails, 3 tweets and a forum post.  To zero effect. I happen to work in an industry where customer support is paramount to business success and I find total absence of communication extremely annoying.  I assume that this is an industry thing and that I don’t need to worry about it but having been promised tickets and now not been able to claim them makes me rescind my plans of going to Vegas (I was there 2 weeks ago for work – the place itself holds no appeal to me.  Its neat but I have seen it too many times. I wanted Spaceships!).

So, what else is going on?  Like Sugar Kyle, I live in a geographic location that occasionally is the target of storms and we have been warned that the first Hurricane of the season may make landfall this weekend (it likely won’t but Americans can not have a time without impending disaster – it validates their existence).  Hence I need to make sure that my generator and chainsaw are working, that I have enough flashlights and candles and of course beer.  The thought of living through a power outage without a case of beer is abhorrent to me.  Worse than not having water (we have a well, so no power, no water.  Hence beer).  And if the power does not go out, I will visit a friend who just had her first job offer after 10 months of unemployment.  My problems of traveling and balancing spaceship time with real life pale to the worry of not having work and I will soberly reflect on this until not sober.

Have a great weekend, space cadets!


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