Backing the Fountain War

Calling EVE Online a “computer game” would similar to calling Facebook a photo sharing site.  Both statements are technically correct but they don’t do justice.  In fact, Facebook and EVE Online are both social media products in the broadest sense – with the crucial difference that Facebook’s core message is the importance of “me” whereas EVE Online’s message aims to be the value of “us”.

Yes, EVE Online is social experience for us players in-game and outside.  Like no other MMO (measured by percentage, not total number), it spawned blogs, podcasts, meetups, parties and – yes – fiction and lore.  We don’t see ourselves as “players”, we see ourselves as creators of stories set on the backdrop of a space simulator – even if the story is just our own, we touch and we are touched by tens of thousands of others like us.  Even you, the harmless industrialists built weapons of mass destruction that ended many other’s dreams.  And you, the professional AWOXER and harvester of tears force the rest of us to analyze our own moral stance toward the helpless, the newbros, the hapless.  EVE Online is a community like no other because it is under threat, not despite of it.  “EVE Is Dying” is our battle cry, not our swansong.

And so we soldier on, us motley crew, us band of brothers, fiercely competitive internally and fiercely protective externally.  In the aftermath of EVE Vegas, a story was told – one player was getting so drunk that money spilled from his pockets and Vegas police was about to take him into custody when a passing EVE player vouched for him for no other reason than his conference pass, collected the dropped money, stuffed it back into the drunken man’s pockets and guided him to safety.  Its is quite likely that they were mortal enemies in EVE but on the streets of Vegas, they were brothers.  Stories like that are not the exception, they are the norm and exemplify why EVE Online is so much more than a computer game.

New Eden is the canvas on which we paint, the screen onto which we project, the stage on which we perform.  We have metamorphosed from consumers to creators, ours are the stories, ours was the defeat in battle, ours will be the victory.  For a long time it has been said that World of Warcraft is a great book where you take on the role of the protagonist. In EVE Online, you have to write the book first.

So, lets write our books.  Through our characters, we bring the story of true transcendence, immortality and unbridled power and we live the story every time we log on.  No bard can write a greater song than what we live every day.

And so it is with great conviction that I implore you to sponsor Jeff Edwards to write our books. Jeff needs no introduction but if you need one, read it here.  In collaboration with EVE’s main news site and endorse by many EVE personalities, Jeff agreed to write the story of the greatest war in online history, a war that really happened, where our brothers pitted themselves against each other and where the might of empires was tested and bested.  On one side, Jeff is willing to take on a huge risk, professionally and personally – he will fictionalize a real story that happened in an obscure video game.  On the other side, Jeff is willing to break the mold, expose himself as an author and pair his talents as a writer with ours as actors.  Together – and only together – can we tell our stories to an a great audience that will see us not for the humans we are but the persons we choose to be.

Fund Jeff’s kickstarter, support him by telling him your story and continue creating new ones.  Immortality awaits.

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