A Busy Week

Its been a busy week in EVE online and the blogosphere has responded with much commentary.  I was on the road for a few days and am slowly catching up.

So, firstly, the senseless act of terrorism that came down on San Bernardino this week claimed 14 lives and shattered uncounted more.  Among the dead is EVE Online player Photon Torpedo.  And while I never met him, the fact that we shared the same virtual universe makes his death personal to me.  I feel great sorrow for his family and wish that they find support in this terrible time.  If you want to help them out, visit their “fund me” page.  I don’t know if the family needs the money but I am certain that they need the assurance that they are not alone in their grief.  And if you have an opinion about gun control – do everyone a favor and keep it to yourself.  This is not the time for politics.

Secondly, the kickstarter that aimed to finance an EVE Online novel by noted author Jeff Edwards has been cancelled.  Reddit, The Mittani and many other sites list the timeline of this project’s rise and fall but it suffices to say that it was badly managed.  I had supported the book after speaking with Jeff Edwards at EVE Vegas and I still maintain that EVE as a universe creates a rich background for engaging stories.  And stories we need to drive newbrows into our world, economy, social network and – of course, this is EVE – crosshairs. A missed opportunity to broaden our community.  The Mittani promises a reboot and while I am highly skeptical that it would survive the inevitable hostility, I will support any effort into that direction.

Thirdly I purchased Elite:Dangerous for something like $15.  My friends are playing it and I felt I am missing out.  So, I splurged on my allowance and downloaded the client, logged into a training mission and went spinning for a few seconds.  Getting the controls under control will be the first challenge. In my second 10 minutes of gameplay, I managed not to kill the target drone but helplessly rotate around asteroids and getting shot to pieces.  This will take practice.

Fourthly, Christmas is coming up and I had earmarked the week of the 20th to take vacation (I have 20 days I have to burn before the New Year – right…).  But now I will likely be on the road.

Fifthly, I flew scout again for my daring Mercenary Alliance. When I logged in, FC was just asking for scouts and I casually x-ed up.  Turns out, he was looking for a scout-leader and made me boss of the scout team comprising of 5 (including myself) interceptors.  Gulp.  Didn’t see that coming.  But hey, Nullsec is like wormholes but with Local, no scanning of exits and defined maps.  How hard can it be?  However, moving through null is a faster than I am used to, no cloaking means everyone is either hunted or hunter, there is no stalking.  After  1 1/2 hours of moving “my” intel crew around the map like chess pieces, covering advance, flanks and retreat routes (Dotlan – I love you), I was starting to get into the groove and my heart rate returned to normal. The fleet even got kills – which was nice to listen to – I saw my job mostly as scout, not tackle and didn’t “get on” any killmail.  But the opposition got smart after a while and sent out a fleet specifically to counter us.  Like a herd of gazelles pursued by a pack of hyenas, we thinned out until we had 2 interceptors and 3 bombers left.  I took it on myself to scan the one gate home that we didn’t have eyes on and jumped into a camp specifically designed to catch frigates.  I have never seen my boat and my pod dismantle this quickly before.  But overall, Op Success, FC was happy with his intel team and I passed another mandatory test required to graduate from Noir Academy. to Noir. proper.  Slowly, slowly getting there…

And Noir Academy wants me to graduate, this weekend I will receive logistics training – and while I am really looking forward, its kind of daunting. I have never once flown Logi and (and never once received reps from one other than during POS bashes). So, I will likely kill my fleet in our first engagement.


Sixthly, the Imperium (= CFC or goons + wannabegoons) started an EVE-wide extortion racket which I wholeheartedly endorse.  One way or the other we have to pay to play, the Gold or the Iron Price.  The goons could just claim that they “won” EVE and play other games but no, they deliberately challenge everyone to come at them.  I am very much looking forward to see the universe light up with ship explosions and remember – if you want to stand up and fight but have more money than PvP skills, do not fret: hire a mercenary.


And thats it for this week, looks like a beautiful, sunny weekend is approaching with much yard maintenance (yes, involving chainsaws, an ax and a log splitter), beer bottling and EVE playing.  And at least 1/2 day of RL work…


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