I am still in Noir Academy. (emphasis on “Academy” and the “.”), I have not graduated yet due to my inability to log in, attend the SiSi classes and take the “exam” (a fleet where I demonstrate that I was awake during the class).  I would not be surprised if my stint in this educational facility will be longer than my postgrad degree.  And likely more difficult.  But I do make progress, I just passed Scouting and was looking forward to do some serious shooting when Alekseyev Karrde called for an Algos Destroyer Fleet to roam nullsec and shoot random people into the face.  I was tired from RL work and really not in the mood to scout (scouting requires brains) and being an F1 monkey for a night would have been just fine by me.

Then Aleks calls for Algoses (Algi, Algae???) – my kind of boat.  Last time I flew one was in my short stint fighting the evil Caldari on the side of the mighty Gallente and the rail Algos was a thing.  Am looking forward to fly one when the FC is spamming “wtb Logi” and I get volunteered by my Noir.Academy teacher.  Thanks Alluminora, really, thanks.  The new T2 Logi frigates came out last week and somehow everyone assumes I can fly one perfectly.  No, gents, I can not.  Never flow logi, dont want to fly logi, cant fly logi, hate logi, I am going to hold my breath until I am blue and then you will be sorry.

Or not.  Aleks links me a fit for a T1 Logi and with much ridicule (ha, ha, look at the noob), I somehow make it work.  Grumbling at the world, I undock from the High Sec station to get a feel for this thing.  Everyone else being in Destroyers, I should be reasonably nimble.  But this Inquisitor turns like a battleship although, I must say, it looks really cool.  I totally dig the can-opener look.


Image courtesy of EVE Online ships


Anyway, fleet departs, we have 2 of the newfangled T2 Logis and myself to support the Algos-es and OpsSec scouts, intel gatherers and various other ships that one brings when one is about to roam deep into nullsec.  Aleks guides us fast and efficient and the fleet gets quite a few skirmishes on the way where my reps actually made a difference.  I had to rework my overview, mostly replace D-scan with the Watch List and show friendlies in my Overview.  Not the most elegant way of doing things but I have no intention to target hostiles and as long as I still have fleet mates, someone else can bloody well watch D-scan.  Which they do.  I am actually not doing so badly, the few times I come under fire, my logi-bros (get it, get it?) have me and I am feeling cocky.  This logi thing aint that hard, whats the brouhaha all about? Its like healing in WoW, get your UI organized, do as you are told and watch for aggro.  Spacepriest? No big deal.

Well, unless more and more bad guys pile up on us, FC gives command to deagress, let the timer run out and jump the gate to “safety”.  Someone I have been repairing continued to accumulate aggression and my repairing kindly transferred it to me.  I can’t jump, I am scrammed, pointed, shot at and – oh yes – jammed.  My fleet mates warp clear.  Its all me, by my lonesome.

Not so cocky anymore, are we?

Not so cocky anymore, are we?


Well, I assume this is the end of the boat and I am looking forward to end this fleet in my pod or my clone, whatever comes first.  But I have eyes on the aggression timer and the damn Inquisitor lasts forever.  Timer runs out, gate is clear and I jump!

Soiled Pants

Soiled Pants

Yes, I have smoke coming out of my boat but I have a boat!  Blues are on the other side of the gate but none of my logi partners and I can’t risk staying there, the next encounter will vaporize me.  So I warp off, bounce around and finally find a station to repair my damage.  FC is calling for losses and is aghast when I check in alive, perfectly calm and relaxed.  I swagger.  It takes more to kill me than a few Battlecruisers, Blackbirds, Destroyers etc.  My pants may need a wash but I get cheers all around that I made it out.

But hey, we all know: dumb luck and a great fit saved me, not my piloting skills.  Don’t tell the Noir Academy guys or I’ll never graduate!


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