Fast and Furious

Good morning dear readers, may both of you have a great weekend. I intent to after a week of RL-related weirdness.

But before the recap, a quick screenshot of one of my recent outings.  Forgive me, but I am a sap for the “I was there” EVE trailer.  Maligned as it was, it does convey the intensity of fleet combat and the post-fight shakes of an individual pilot better than any other.  And ever since I saw the clip, I wanted to fly the gnarly, insect-shaped Gallente ‘ceptors directly and furiously into hostile fire.  This week, I got the chance – more than once. And since the EVE graphics now show damage as well, I thought, I’d treat you to an image of my boat coming home.  Sadly, this specific boat didn’t live long after its repair (and neither did its twin) but of this in a later post.

Beat up but happy

Beat up but happy


Not much left of this boat. One sneeze and she is gone

Not much left of this boat. One sneeze and she is gone

So, this will be a short post, there are spaceships to fly, miles to run, weights to lift and – most importantly – to edit down a 3h video of my “graduation fleet” to something like 2 minutes while staying honest (I am pretty confident that I can find 2 minutes of good FC work in there somewhere – but I think I’d get found out if I cheated that obviously).  Suffice to say, 3h of non-stop EVE combat had its ups and downs and while I can’t claim that I brought everyone home alive (certainly not myself), “content” was had. Oh, yes, there was content.  So, watch this space, some form of After Action Review will be published here eventually, possibly heavily redacted for Op-Sec reasons.

Quick recap also of EVE, CSM elections are coming up and while I reserve my right to endorse a couple of candidates in the future, I have no intentions on writing about the CSM itself.  Talvorian Dex over at Target Caller has written his post and I can’t be more eloquent than he.  If you really want my opinion, check out his comment section.  By the way, his blog is my favorite at the moment.  He really does know how to write.

Capital skills – apparently, something happened with Cap Skill books.  I have no idea, I don’t fly caps at all (Orca doesn’t count) and I also proudly declare the same ignorance on skill point trading.  While I agree that it was a master stroke by CCP allowing Skillpoints to be stripped off characters and re-applied to others (with significant losses, so there is a net reduction in EVE on points), I have no intention to use the system on any character.  The only thing I would do is to train my alts to the level  of my main so that I can fly my ships across my stable of characters.  But that is not incentive enough for me to drop tons of ISK / Aurum / Money into the game.

And with this, wish me luck with my video editing and pray that it may serve for me to finally graduate from Noir Academy…



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