Active Listening

In my place of work, “executive” managers apparently have been told to use “active listening” techniques.  They now repeat everything I (or my colleagues) say, ostensibly to prove that they were listening to our arguments. In reality of course, this technique allows them to claim good ideas for themselves and belittle me for being a bad communicator who need everything repeated.  Its one of these workplace things that I observe and then gently dismiss – like all other management techniques it will soon fade away.  I just found it amusing in context of my last post that I had linked on Reddit.  I don’t routinely do that (I stay away from Failheap Challenge, EVE O Forums, Tweetfleet Slack, Redddit), the site offers nothing valuable.  My linking the post was a spur-of-the-moment thing, egged on by EVE friends who thought the idea of biometrically monitoring and punishing CSM members was hilarious.

Straw fire - no ignition

Straw fire – Ignition failed

And while I did anticipate the increase in hits that my post caused (Reddit is good for that alone), I did not quite expect that none of the commentators got  the satirical nature of my post.  Check those comments, its actually quite funny to watch people write paragraph-long statements but clearly had no idea what I actually wrote.  These folks remind of wind-up toys with a tightly coiled spring, a little push will let them skitter across the floor without regard of direction or purpose.  I do write walls of text – its my style – and for that post, I really tried to build up the joke but I did not expect it to fizzle so badly.  I guess its true, people don’t listen, they wait to talk.



Back to “real EVE”.

I graduated!  


My 3h mammoth fleet that brought much content, quite a bit of killboard traffic (red and green) and where I reached exceeded my EVE skill limits was rated “good enough to graduate”.  I can not lie, I would have been disappointing if it hadn’t been enough but I would have understood.  My “leadership” was not perfect, not even close.  If anything, this fleet showed me just how much I have to learn still.

So, I am now a Noir. Pilot.  A real, certified, honest-to-Bob lean, mean, killing machine.  Empires shake when I log in, capsuleers are mass self-destructing when I enter the system.  Death follows me like body odor follows an IT support engineer. “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds“.

Err.  Maybe not.  I am the same pilot as I was last week when the Academy status was my personal Fool’s Cap, allowing me to do pretty much what I wanted without much repercussions.  If I screwed up and lost a Sabre, who cares “thats what they are there for” (in the words of my FC at the time who had ordered my Banzai Charge into that massive flock of bombers).  Now, I am expected to fly 200 mil ISK boats and fly them well.  Screwups from now on are not cute, they can seriously damage the fleet or hinder the mission.  Flying with an outfit like Noir. raises expectations and rightly so.  The group offers a ton of support and help but expect in return their pilots to be on the ball.

And thus starts a new phase in my EVE career, as usual, I am quite apprehensive but also as usual, I will listen and learn and slowly, slowly improve.




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