Dead things

Yes, yes, I know, its been 3 weeks since my last post and I don’t tend to leave my remaining two loyal readers alone for that long but I have a few excuses that have to do with work and all that boring stuff.

But there have also been quite a bit of EVE related events and I just use this post as some kind of random bucket rather than a continuous narrative.

Dead Zombie

So, firstly, I traveled for work and while it was intense, I managed to take off some time and blew up a (paper) zombie with a 12 gauge and slugs (25 yards).  If she wasn’t really dead before, she is now.  (btw, what do Vegan Zombies scream during their hunt?  “Grains“!!!)

She is truly dead now

She is truly dead now

Dead Cerberus

Since graduating from Noir Academy, I have tried to embrace the new (to me) doctrines and every fleet appears new to me.  So when the call went out to roam in Heavy Assault Cruiser (HAC), I grabbed a Cerberus from the market and undocked with the fleet.  Our capable FC moved us fast and efficiently but we could hear the scouts’ commentary on several hostile fleets closing in.  Turns out, we got chased by 3 separate fleets and in the end got caught at a gate.  Bad luck, bad timing but my shiny (and frigging expensive) Cerberus never got a shot off in anger and turned into smoldering wreck courtesy of our opposition.  I am not angry or bitter, its bad luck and in the end, nothing I could control.  And if I can’t control it, it is – by definition – fate.

Dead Stick

Not much to say about this, apparently we didn’t like a tower and a fleet was formed to kill it.  I happen to not have the doctrine ship and jumped into a Vigil just to be useful.  For a while, we had more than 200 fleet members and at that size, there is a very different dynamic, much quieter, no chatter, intense focus.  While I agree that it needs to be like that, I am more comfortable with a smaller (5-20) man fleets roaming than a massive fleet shooting structures.  But no complaints, OP-success.

Mach Fleet


Dead Cells

I wrote before about the scientific research project currently embedded within EVE Online.  Its close to my heart and I want to support it.  So, if you are interested, read this excellent article and follow the steps.



Dead Everything

So, the call goes out to mount fast ships and roam deep into the Red Zone.  Our FC gives me a choice between a Stork (one of those new destroyers with that weird jump drive thing) and a Logi frigate.  I borrow a Kirin which handles less like a Frigate and more like a Cruiser and struggle to wrestle my overview into something useful.  I am apprehensive of flying a Stork since I have never actually undocked one and I assume I am expected to do some Houdini-magic in this thing which I have no clue how to do yet.  Nosir, that needs a quiet hour on SiSi.  The Logi Frig is more to my liking and I want to be good at it, so I take the chance and practice.

In the ensuing hour, we roam amazingly wide and our scouts are literally all over the map.  We are fast but our scouts are +3, +5 and I give up following them on Dotlan. I have enough trouble staying with my team.  A couple of fights happen and I do get to transfer some shield but mostly its about situational and positional awareness and fast moving.  Its fine by me, I am enjoying it and I don’t think I am useless.

When the fleet nearly comes to an end (for want of targets), a breathless scout suddenly reports that he has tackled a ratting AFK Chimera deep in Goon Land.  Homeric laughter ensues in comms, of course its bait, come on!  But equally of course we all turn our boats around and race at very best speed to our friend, warp to him at zero km and our bubblers do their thing.  There really is  Chimera sitting in the middle of a site and doing nothing.  The sleepers (rats, whatever they are called in Empire space) take our fleet for target practice and I do actually get to repair a few of my friends.  I feel so useful that I intend to live through what inevitably follows next and slide sideways out of our own bubble nest while keeping our team firmly locked up.  We don’t have the DPS to bring down a Chimera but many in our teams are connected with people who can bring the rain and are busy batphoning.

So, all looks well and I am cautiously optimistic when suddenly my entire field of view becomes nothing but dark blue, pulsing against the starry background.  The Chimera finally lit its cyno and called in a literal hail of ships, I kid you not, they brought 4 Titans, 7 Super Carriers and 4 Carriers on top of us.  I am literally bouncing off a Ragnarok and good thing too, those damn things were smart bomb fit and I limp out of range with 1/2 shield.  The sound, the suddenness of the attack and the sheer violence of the smartbombs at close range was quite something and I could kick myself that I didn’t capture the screen.  And while I got out, many of mini fleet did not and fell victim to the hostile drop.  The laughter on Team Speak was the loudest I have heard in a long time.  We had expected some form of escalation but dropping that number of supercaps, Titans and carriers on top of a frigate / destroyer gang appears slightly extravagant.  Our nerds furiously calculated whether the hostiles burned more in jump fuel than our fleet was worth (hence making us win the ISK war!) but in the end we were too busy laughing.  And as I said, I got out just fine and had the dubious honor to help shepherd our remaining few ships home.

Thus I shall close this blog with the faint promise to take my supplements and be more regular. Scout’s honor.


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