The Great War

War is upon us as you – handsome and well-informed reader – surely have learned already.  On one side of the war is the Imperium, an organization that had smashed itself to an undisputed leadership position by brute force, intelligent diplomacy and benevolent dictatorship .  On the other side is an uneasy coalition of alliances who – until recently – were frequently at each others’ throats but are now fighting under the banner of Voltron.

Who will win?  Impossible to say at this point.  But us mercenaries are in the thick of it, fleet after fleet is undocking in pursuit of the enemy.

If you are hesitant, if you think you are not good enough, if you don’t believe that you can make a difference – you are not alone.  Individually, no one pilot can win this war.  But you do not have to be alone.  You can be a valued pilot in an expertly-led fleet with brothers fighting by your side.

Speak to one of our recruiters.  Glory waits for no man.

Epi_what did you do



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