I am not even going to try to narrate the changes that occur in New Eden, the massive changes in alliances, coalitions, sovereignty and attitudes.  Suffice to say that Empires are shaking from the hooves of the onrushing hordes. (so to speak).

And my Alliance is right smack in the middle of things, even became “relevant” by taking Sovereignty.  And while I am not privy to alliance strategy, I do hope this is temporary and that I am not stuck in nullsec.  Mercenary life is designed to be mobile, hard hitting and not encumbered by “homes”.  I am pretty sure that this is the general attitude and we are holding it as part of the contract until the war is over and we go out merry ways to shoot former blues.

And with all that happening, I feel a little like a Trainspotter – one of those guys who stands next to the rail, watches trains go to exotic locations and gets a kick out of the imagination of being on it.  I unfortunately had a rough 2 weeks and literally could not log in more than 30 min at a time.  Which is a darn shame because I can watch the pings for fleets go out every hour.  I have never once in EVE had so many opportunities as I have now but real life just not comply.

But watching Slack, reading the meta makes me proud to be part of this team. By the way, both Noir. and Noir. Academy are recruiting.  Never a better time to saddle up and get into the fight. Whats to lose?


Right smack in the middle







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