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Reddit has become a little guilty pleasure, the anarchy and memes have become amusing, maybe its a sign of my mental degradation but the other news outlets have been either tremendously biased, just plain bad or too analytical for their own good.  And thus in my reading habit, Reddit has entered as a 10min-over-coffee-before-work (ok and at work on cell phone) where I get a quick update on the meme of the day, a nice propaganda picture and possibly some interesting news about the ongoing war.  Reddit happens to be more aligned with the Moneybadger Coaltion rather than the Imperium and the comments are generally pretty biased but the MBC also happen to be on the winning side and therefore the contributions of smug are generally true.

Now, I am the first to admit that it is terrible to get your news from Reddit.  TMC is to Reddit as Pravda is to Bild.  And anyone with an IQ higher than a well-ripened turnip ought not to read Bild.  But if you look closely, on Reddit you find more raw and unpolished commentary than on the three pseudo media empires that dominate the EVE news.  Take this article for example.  A self-declared and proud Goon asks why everyone in EVE hates them so much, after all, they pretty much did what everyone else has done in EVE (ganking, scamming, blobbing…) just better and more efficiently.  The responses from the community were mixed of course but there were some insights that are worth reading.  First the top one that goes into the sort-of-obvious historical view of the animosity.



And then Helicity Boson (of Hulkageddon fame) posted this reply:


Both comments point to a shift in culture within the CFC that ultimately created their downfall.  But where did it come from?


As a non-goon, its difficult to see, especially when it was a relatively slow progression.  (this is where the quote of the frog and hot water would go if it wasn’t total nonsense.  Frogs that can jump out of the water will before it gets too hot).   But in my outsider opinion, the switch from being a online community of irreverent nerds to a channeled biomass to feed a real world media venture first worked exceedingly well.  The Mittani brought a voice, a purpose and an ugly beard to the cause and formed a rallying point in New Eden that served to coalesce many groups and alienate others. Alienation per se isn’t the problem in a conflict-driven game and economy and so the Goons / Imperium thrived.  Increasing in scope, size and ambition they outgrew their charm as “no fucks are given” players who will happily tackle Titans with Rifters.  That mantle was eventually taken on by Brave (for much good it did to them) and the Imperium slowly turned into what they hated most, an established, lumbering, well-managed military-industrial-intelligence apparatus.  Add to this the overreaching of The Mittani and his leadership circle and a change was inevitable.

So, the question stands, what did culture have to do with it?  Lets assume that each growing organization faces culture changes that need to be taken into consideration. Apple, Google and Microsoft are a far cry from their garage beginnings but adapted their culture of innovation and commercialization to accommodate their growth.  So far, they have been successful; growth itself is not necessarily a death sentence.  But the Goons / CFC  / Imperium by all accounts did not manage it well and their time is up.

Of course, being immortal capsuleers means nothing really ends and people, their experiences and friendships are recycled.  I fully expect the core Goon to stick with their friends as I would stick with mine and I also expect them to re-emerge as a formidable foe or ally in the (near!) future.  But fundamental to that is that they collectively step back and re-assess their culture, they reason for teaming up, their ultimate driving force.

I personally don’t think this can happen as long as The Mittani stays in power and I am pretty sure that his eventual abdication (or assassination!) will be posted first on Reddit.



2 responses to “Culture

  1. Great article. I agree with all your points. I remember a time, years ago, that the very mention of the word “Goon” stirred some sort of emotion – mostly fear. Fear in their capability, reach, and influence. Now, the very mention of the word is associated with “fresh meat”. You can’t really fault the player base for exploiting perceived weakness from the Imperium. That, in itself, is the spirit of Eve. To do otherwise is very un-goon.

    • Thanks Roedyn, yes, I too remember those days when the Goons were a force to be feared for their skill, their irreverence and their organizational talent. They seemed to combine “fun” with good gameplay and my friends in “Waffe” at the time really enjoyed themselves.

      Growth, mismanagement and feature creep through arrogance and overconfidence has caused the current downfall but I am very confident that they will bounce back. Smaller, meaner, leaner but I don’t think we heard the last of them yet.

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