My time in EVE is directly linked to a few factors:

Weather.  If the weather is good, I much prefer to be outside and exercise my “chainsaw therapy“.  There never is a shortage of projects and if I ever ran out, I have full confidence that my wife would find more.  Yesterday’s project was to build a fenced-in vegetable patch.  If I factor in the money spent for fencing material, we will have $50 tomatoes by the end of the season.  Unlike smarter people in my geographic region, I started too late with seeding and preparation which likely will result in a weak outcome at best. But its a lot of fun.

Work.  If work gets too intense but overall is fun, I just throw stuff over board and make time.  First eating, then personal hygiene, then gym, then EVE.  I was there a few times in 2015 and had to pause flying spaceships for a bit, especially when I am on the road a lot, I gave up trying to do EVE on a laptop.  Everything beyond PI is just not possible.

Other games or projects. For a while, I tried to get into Elder Scrolls Online (and couldn’t, really tried, joined a guild etc), Elite:Dangerous and Space Engineers.  I was looking for a game I can pick up, have half an hour worth of fun and Alt-F4 when done.  In the end, I am stuck with Planet Side 2 which allows me to do just that but it is far from perfect.  For this alone, I want Project Nova to succeed.

Notice that none of these reasons have to do with EVE as a game.  Citadels, cap ships and other recent changes have not affected me all that much other than that my fleet and alliance mates are filling the chat channels with new strategies and fits and that every day someone resurrects himself from the dead, resubs their characters and flies into the war.  While I can’t fly any capital ship (nor have plans to) or have need for a citadel, I don’t see the need to occupy anything or lament that there is no new content.  EVE is not like WoW where your enjoyment is related to the new content in a patch.  Can’t find anything where you are?  Pack your bags and move, do something else.  No, I have no sympathy for the recent call to Occupy New Eden” or “I am the 85%“.  While I agree with Drackarn that high sec and especially industry need an overhaul, I don’t think the situation is game-braking bad.  CCP decided to fix Sov and “player housing” which mostly affect null and to some extent WH space.  I commend their effort to focus and not try to patch up everything at once.

Lastly, Alekeseyev Karrde – famed founder of Noir.  and host of the best podcast in New Eden stepped down as CEO.  I have nothing to say about this other than to thank him for his trust to bring me into the corp and his relentless passion for the game.  I wish him well in his new endeavors, may ponies accompany him everywhere he goes.  And if you want to read more about the background that left to his departure, read Psianh Auvyander’s narrative on his blog or on Crossing Zebras.

To see him off in style, Aleks led a fleet of Talos’ with Rook support, a dicey, ballsy fleet comp that really was successful. We got a lot of kills and scared the crud out of the locals (even got people get angry at us in /local which is never boring).  I was in the thick of it until I encountered RL aggro, had to step away from the game for 5 min and lost track where my fleet was.  When I got back to the PC, the fleet was engaged and I guess where they were, guessed wrong, crossed a gate and died an honerable death.  I think I was the only loss that entire night, so OP success I guess. I am just short 130mil….

Oh.  PS.  I mentioned before that I am running low on ISK.  I started a little mini project in high sec, something easy, relaxed that I can do while on conference calls.  I run 4/10 with a shield-fit Gnosis (yes, yes I know, its not ideal.  But my goal was to invest the least amount as possible and fit something from modules I had lying around).  And occasionally, something shiny drops:

ISK in High sec

(yes, Orea, its my Salvaging Catalyst, the same one that lived with me in WH space for years and years)

Does that make me one of the 85% now?





One response to “Oscillations

  1. This is a post that matches my own play Oscillations exactly. Real life commitments, a desire for outdoor tasks, biking, plus a handful of other games that cause distraction (weekend before last was the Overwatch open beta)… wish there was more time for EVE.

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