Slowing down

A few years ago, I wrote a quick post about EVE Addiction reflecting a little on my – then – pretty intense online time.  I realized that while I am not addicted per se, I spent too much online seeking success in game where I did not find it in my – then – employment.  I totally understand how a game can give that feeling of accomplishment but also how the threshold between “real” and “game” can soften and disappear. This is of course always a bad thing.

Or is it?

A couple of days ago, this post appeared on Reddit.  It was written by someone who used EVE to get himself out of drug addiction and I strongly recommend you read this.  I do believe giving purpose in a game can turn someone’s life around but it can of course only be the first step on the road to recovery or the cycle just continues.  But yes, sure, why not think differently about games in general and see them as a therapeutic means where people can experience collaborating on goals, overcoming adversity and experiencing the thrill of being relied on and delivering.  EVE lends itself very for the social aspect of this form of therapy since there is virtually nothing that can be achieved in New Eden as a solo player.  Unless, of course, one is Gevlon.

So, while the interwebs are full of horror tales and the established medical community preach that video games represent the downfall of civilization, I would be very interesting if some therapist had used games to do the exact opposite, to bring someone into a social and caring environment based on an anonymous and generally safe platform like EVE Online.  Medicine moves extremely slowly in the adoption of new techniques and older research articles are of very limited use today.  A 5 minute literature research seems to show an uptick in studies and applications which is  an encouraging thing to see. Maybe in a few years, this becomes actual practice?

Back to EVE, I did not log onto my main character for nearly 2 weeks and missed much of the fun that my mercenary friends have.  With the goons crushed, they are free to do “other things”, much of which look like a lot of fun and – to be honest – more rewarding that being in a 3000 man fight.  But between work giving me a massive headache at the moment, much outdoors activities and a nasty chest infection that lingers and makes me wheezy, I just dont have the energy to play “serious” EVE.  At best, I log a couple of alts in to run a few anomalies in high sec or even do high-sec PI – arguably the activities with the lowest possible ROI in EVE.  At any point I can save up and do something else – not possible when engaged in a fleet of course. Oh, I learned that you can not leave an escalation and come back later. It despawns. Thats actually rather annoying CCP.

I miss my spacebros though and I’d love to undock and fly with them again.  Hopefully after my vacation when my head is clear.


See you then


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