Adjusting to Reality

EVE is real, the old saying goes and of course its correct.  EVE is a component of all our lives whether we play it solo every few weeks or take out fleet after fleet and guide fellow pilots to victory.  By definition, if you are playing EVE, you are not doing anything else at that time and EVE has become the reality for you.  The big question is not whether EVE is real but how much of Real is EVE, there is only that much to go around.

And based on that calculation, I decided that I can’t participate in any meaningful way in Noir. anymore and dropped corp yesterday.  I knew this was coming about 3 weeks ago and delayed it since I really did not want to click that “leave corp” button.  I worked hard on getting into Noir., deliberately took the long route via Noir. Academy and earned my invite based on participation and willingness to learn from my dumb mistakes.  I adapted pretty well to changing roles, I even did logistics for no other than Alekseyev Karrde and lived to tell the tale (Aleks has a fearsome reputation as FC with zero tolerance for fuckwits)).

In retrospect, I came into Noir. / Mercenary Coalition at the absolute perfect time.  We had a few deep-null deployments that got me trained up in the way the team works and even earned a little bit of respect.  Then of course around Christmas the big deployment to harass CO2 culminating in the battle of M-O where I flew my Proteus in the largest battle that EVE has ever seen.  Sure, TiDi was like Molasses but I can truly say that the battle changed my opinion of EVE and makes me even more respectful of the good FCs that run these massive operations.

But in the end, RL >> EVE and so, I find myself in a NPC corp, shedding the 20 wardecs or so that one inherits when one leaves an active Mercenary outfit.  I am near Jita, corp and local are full of innane bullshit and all I want to do is hop onto TeamSpeak, find my friends Kryn, Aluminora, Cassidy, crazy Zeeba and his mustache and Taco fetish and all the others from MC that I came to know.  The Motto of the Noir. is “It’s about the person next to you” and thats no lie.

MC Challenge Coin - Cropped



With this, massive “thank you” to the team at Noir., Aleks, the Mercenaries who took me in, did not despair on my total PvP innocence and had my back to the last day.  I am looking forward to the day when my Real Life allows me to re-apply and can’t wait to be again mercenarii inter sidera.



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