Cruising Along

Its been a slow couple of weeks in New Eden for me in part caused by the general summer hole but also by my current attitude toward the game, simply speaking, I log in, quickly update my PI, scoute some routes out of our C4 wormhole and if a corpmate is online and willing, we go out stalk something for an hour or so.  The thrill of the hunt is still there of course but our prey is adjusted in size what I can actually kill.  For example, I found a solo Rattlesnake in our adjacent C3 the other day and realized that I can’t bring him down by myself (2 characters).

Too big to tackle

Too big to tackle

So I waited for his salvager – a destroyer, of course  – and missed locking him by a whisker, its ok, it was a half-assed approach, virtually all salvagers have they low slots filled with warp stabilizers and it will take a bubble to really catch them (and many webs, these things are fast).

Talking about bubbles, my corpmate and I were more successful catching guys in hacking sites (4 killmails = 2 kills + pods), again in C3 wormholes where the absence of local channel seems to give pilots from empire space the Illusion of Solitude (sorry, had to get this in here).  Killing these guys is more an educational activity than real PvP and if a bro is younger than a month or so, I pay him the value of his ship and loot.  Its nothing to me and we both had fun.

If I can’t find anyone to fly with or to stalk, I tend to run these hacking sites myself but only after I am reasonably sure that no bad guys are lurking.  I tend to put combat probes out and hope to notice approaching hostiles before they do to me what I do to others.  Its a cat / mouse game that is enjoyable enough for a couple of hours per week but the hacking interface really gets old.  I must have done 20 of these things over the last 2 weeks and while it netted me ~200 mil ISK, it really doesn’t stimulate my brain.

Whats next in EVE?  Well, I have a very uncooked idea of creating a bucket list of all single “player” (i.e. 2 pilots for me) activities and slowly check the off.  Of course, I have done all LvL 4 missions at some point but never run a nullsec anomaly in my life or completed a COSMOS or burner mission. So there are a few more things for me to do.

In other news, I did continue to play No Mans Sky and will write my impressions up for next week.  But – spoiler alert – I am still playing it.

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