Alphas and Wormholes

The introduction of alpha clones has seriously shaken up New Eden and many corporations in Faction War and Nullsec are preparing for the onslaught of new players who want to try out this much-talked about game.  Wormholes however are still a separate world, the skill points required for e.g. cloaking and scanning are beyond what an Alpha clone can acquire.  New players may day-trip into our space but I don’t believe that brand new players with Alpha clones will travel deep into our chains.

But is that a bad thing?  I think it is.  Wormhole space is still my favorite space in New Eden for the uncertainty of each day’s encounters, the tightness of the groups that fly in it and of course the slow stalking of prey with an eventual pounce. I would love Alphas to experience our environment a little bit at least, especially those who have already played a little in High Sec and are looking around where to go next.  And sure, my corporation, Z3R0 Return Mining is recruiting, so why not use Alphas as a very early recruitment tool?  Show an Alpha newb how fun and rewarding our world could be and maybe they throw in the PLEX for a full subscription.

So, I hatched a plan to offer free day trips for Alphas into Wormholes.  While much needs to be planned, the idea is to find a C1 or C2 hole with an exit to either High or (easy) Low sec.  Assemble a fleet near a trade hub, make our way out and en route teach the very basics of fleet communication and maneuvering.  Once arrived in the last H-sec system, gather around an Orca or Bowhead and dispense free racial frigates and destroyers.  No Alpha should use their own ship for this, eliminating all possible risk (I will personally pay for the first 100 ships).  Once the fleet is ready, jump into the wormhole and run a few sites (likely lose ships but replenish from Orca in K-space), discuss the peculiar nature of Wormholes, no local channel, no Stations, Agents, belts, missions and markets.  After the sites are run, meet at a safe spot and create a Thunderdome, last boat standing wins a silly prize (I am partial to Fedos). Everyone makes some ISK from the sites and everyone has a little bit of combat experience – including of course death.

It sounds simple but there are quite a few moving parts to consider: size of fleets, T1 frigates and dessies survivability and of course the ever-present certainty of getting people into the fleet who desire to ruin the experience.  But I do believe with a good core team and a little bit of Batphoning, we can make this a worthwhile and fun experience for everyone.   Quite a few pilots from my corp already volunteered to build the ships and the doctrines and help with the logistics and FC ing but we will welcome anyone with experience to be part of this.  We will not accept ISK donations of course!

So, Dear Reader – comment or ping me in-game (Epigene), I would love to know how you think we can make this a success.

Btw, this is us taking down a Paladin and a Rattlesnake,  we may sound like total idiots but we are having fun.



4 responses to “Alphas and Wormholes

  1. Morathia has been running something like this where he takes a fleet to a shattered wormhole and runs the drifter site. Then he takes the fleet on a roam through low/nullsec and then back to the wormhole when the drifter boss respawns.

    • Ok, thats good, when we come closer to the time, I will reach out and see if we can combine efforts. Thanks!

  2. Btw, you can do shattered frig holes in thrashers with t1 logi. It’s super fun and very newbie friendly.

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