Open Letter to nempxa 2z82

Dear nempxa 2z82,

I am sorry that I upset you.  You were harmlessly scanning a C3 Wormhole, surely looking for some hacking site when my Proteus decloaked next to you and exploded your ship.  I scrammed your pod but then let you go – catch and release was good enough for me.

I tried to convo you to explain that being stationary and decloaked near a wormhole is a bad idea but you declined my request, I sent you 2 mil ISK (twice the value of your boat) and  in return, you put a 1 mil Bounty on me.





You are a 2 day old character with a decently fit T1 exploration frigate.  If you are really brand new to the game, someone explained to you the fit – that someone neglected to tell you that EVE is at its core a PvP game in general and in Wormholes specifically.  If you are an alt of someone more experienced you should know that bounties don’t do anything at all in this game.

So, with much love and respect, please take care in Anoikis, cloak up, talk to people who shoot you so that you can learn and for the Love of Bob, find a player corp who can teach you.



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