I’ve moved!

Dear Readers,

Splatus has gracefully hosted me as a guest blogger on his site for almost a year now. Over the past few months, he’s gently — but insistently! — suggested I might want a little room to stretch out in my own Eve blog.  Well, this weekend I finally have a decent break from our regularly-scheduled PvP operations, and have the time to honor his wishes and move out.

Thanks, Splatus, for encouraging me to get into public blogging about the EVE universe, and always being a friendly and knowledgeable voice on Teamspeak, guiding me in my early days as a wormhole virgin and helping me get a toe-hold here on WordPress.com.

My new blog location is http://txgsync.wordpress.com/ . Join me there!

Quantum Explosions! Part 2

Otterus Interruptus

Nylon Elephant interrupts some snuggle time between Mr. & Mrs. TXG SYNC

Read part 1 here.

I was relaxing at home, watching “Ender’s Game” on the big screen in my bedroom on our chaise with my wife on a Saturday night.  We’d just finished making out — hey, I have four kids, they didn’t get here by accident! — and were enjoying what was left of the movie. IM+ Pro on my iPhone announced I had a new message.  Raising an eyebrow at my wife, my quizzical look silently asked if she minded if I picked it up. She smiled and jerked her chin in the direction of my phone, indicating without speaking, “Go ahead, babe, it’s all good.”

Married for twenty years. Totally, 100% worth it.  Highly recommended.

My phone had one word on it. “Help”. I knew about the logoff-traped Quantum Explosion capitals in our home system. I knew the time had come.

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Quantum Explosions! Part 1

The battle unfolded as if in slow motion. The random wormhole chains of AdHocracy, Inc. and Quantum Explosion were both joined to one another through the Outer Ring Sleeper Collective’s (Otters) home wormhole, and the tensions were escalating between the large W-space entities.  It was clear a battle royale was brewing.  Scout ships popped on and off d-scan like fireflies in the blackness of space.  Our scouts reported capital ships aligning and staging to fight one another, with our home looking more and more like it would become the chosen battlefield.

However, with only a few players online and well outside our prime time, the Otters reacted somewhat predictably to the threatened violence: with curiousity and hopes that we might grab one of these juicy clams and smash it with a rock.

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As was typical for the time of day and day of week that I logged on, there was nobody else online. Just me, myself, and my alt. So I started scanning.  Within seconds, a new signature opened up, and I zeroed in on it, logging in my Pilgrim and Legion to warp to the hole.  What I caught was the butt-end of a Moros rolling the hole into oblivion.

Clearly another C5 corporation looking for pew. With no wrecks on scan and no capitals doing anything, they decided our little Class 5 wormhole wasn’t interesting and kept on rolling.

So I finished bookmarking sites, updating signatures, and scanning out our new static connection.  Upon entering, I saw wrecks and a pair of Drakes on D-Scan.

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PvP As A Survival Tactic

My corporation, the Outer Ring Sleeper Collective, has our home in Class 5 wormhole space.  For the uninitiated, Class 4 and below Anoikis — excuse me, “W-Space” — have mass limits that prevent large capital ships from entering.  Capital ships are basically required for fast take-down of player-owned starbases (POS). If you don’t have the capitals, taking down a POS will require hours upon hours — or a very large sub-capital fleet — of boring shooting at structures.  And such a fleet runs the risk of the locals hauling out the capital “ships in a bottle” they have already built inside the wormhole to drive you out.

So you’re faced with the probability of sitting around for hours pressing “F1” every few minutes after your weapons reload while surfing cute kitten videos on Youtube (unless you’re dirty Amarr, in which case you press F1 once then go do something else for a few hours), then having to do the same at some godforsaken hour of the late night in your time zone again a day or two later, or else having the locals ship up into their capital ships-in-a-bottle they’ve built inside their “home”, and drive you out easily with carriers and dreadnaughts that you can’t possibly bring with you to invade.

Yeah. That’s not fun.  No thanks.

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Wormhole Class 3 Blitz Fleet


With the arrival of the Retribution expansion to Eve Online in December of 2012, the landscape of viable ships in fleet compositions changed dramatically. In particular, the newly-created role of “Tech 1 Logistics Cruiser” became a big thing, and immediately fleet commanders began experimenting with various doctrines incorporating these low-skillpoint ships… and for the most part, found them well-balanced and extremely useful. For several months after the release of the expansion, they remained a fairly rare sight, but these days it’s common to see several Scythes, Exequrors, Augorors, or Ospreys accompanying PvP fleets, and often dual-boxed accounts in hisec will have one in tow to provide additional repairs so that the primary ship can focus on putting out maximum damage.

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More Solo C3 Strategic Cruisers

[UPDATE Feb 11 2018:  Since this blog post was written, Strategic Cruisers have been rebalanced.  The fits described here probably don’t work anymore. Sorry]


This post is a follow-up to my earlier discussion of tactics and a basic Legion fit for tackling C3 Wormhole Anomalies found here: https://splatus.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/solo-c3-strategic-cruisers/ .

Here are some starter Tech2 module-fitted T3 Strategic Cruiser fits for C3 anomalies.  Every Strategic Cruiser in Eve is capable of tackling Class 3 anomalies solo, without a huge amount of expensive bling; it’s often just a question of finding the right fit for you and for your skills.

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Solo C3 Strategic Cruisers

[UPDATE Feb 11 2018:  Since this blog post was written, Strategic Cruisers have been rebalanced.  The fits described here probably don’t work anymore. Sorry]


I’ve been watching with great interest a number of threads in the Eve-O forums lately, and decided it was time to get active pushing my point of view on the blog again.  Ultimately, I’m really disappointed at the quality of fits and advice given on the Eve Online wormholes forum. It’s almost as if — GASP! — the long-time wormholers that participate in that forum DON’T WANT newbies to understand what it takes to survive in a wormhole!

Naw, couldn’t be. Everybody in Eve Online is helpful, friendly, and courteous.

That said, here’s my advice about Soloing a Class 3 Anomaly in a Legion. There’s a little bit of math, but it shouldn’t be too hairy.

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Missioning Kinda’ Sucks

So I’ve been quiet here on Epigene’s blog the past month or two.  I decided to lay off the w-space adventures for a little bit and explore some other venues, including fighting the Sansha in high-security Incursions, and running a few hundred missions for various factions.  I built up tens of thousands of Loyalty Points, cashed them, in and came to the following conclusions:

1.  Incursions ain’t bad income, really. Very safe, few lost ships, and when you factor that in it compares very favorably to C3 income.  Kinda’ boring, though.

2.  Missions are TERRIBLE.  Even the much-dreaded “Angel Bonus Room” is trivial once you know what you’re doing.

3.  The new Mobile Tractor Unit and Mobile Depot are truly transforming modules for PvE.

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Incursion Do and Don’t

Recently, when things have been slow in the home anoiki, I’ve hauled my alt out to Incursion space to make some cash.  Now, I’ve always been pretty frank that my characters have quite low skillpoints, since I’ve only been playing this game since February 2013 (as of this writing, the current date is August 2013).  I make up for their low SP by specializing in certain roles, and this remains one of Eve’s strengths: a rank newbie who spends a week specializing in a role can make a meaningful contribution in the largest of fleet battles.

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