Chapter 6 – The Dancing Washers

This is chapter 6 of “Redemption” a fictional tale set in the EVE Universe.  Please see this page for more background on this story.  

Lydie loved watching her Magic Washers dance. She would put them next to each other on the metal floor and every time it the big banging came, the 3 warm steel rings would dance, touch each other, jump up in joy and sometimes even somersault. After every jump, Lydie would move them a little, find some dirt to angle them on and try to make them jump all at the same time and kiss each other in mid-jump. Mother said that she wasn’t allowed to lie on the floor in the big metal room where everyone had run to when the banging started but dad had allowed it, “you think she will die of germs?” he said to mum and that was that.

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