Chapter 8. Fire

This is chapter 8 of “Redemption” a fictional tale set in the EVE Universe.  Please see this page for more background on this story.  

“You smell good, little dancer”, the old, blind Matari man said, and it could not have been less appropriate. She had scrubbed herself for hours and when she run out of soap, she used the industrial cleaner intended for the floors – and she used lots of it. It stung her skin, it reeked and it did not make her feel any cleaner. Lydie was running on autopilot when she turned up at the Matari camp in the early hours and sat next to the old man. She couldn’t tell Mum, she couldn’t tell the “authorities” – whatever they were. They would not believe her and if they did, nothing would happen. So, Lydie sat down next to the old man, hoping that nobody would notice her bruises. And of course everyone did. Trained killers develop an almost spiritual situational awareness. That something terrible had happened to Lydie was clear to everyone as soon as she sat down. But combat practice continued.

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