How does pjharvey do this?

Occasionally, I get the itch, disrupt my senseless standing grind for Duvalle Labs, I have no idea how to do that research agent thing anyway and I am just bored of the same mission ideas over and over again.  I miss WH space and so I scan down a WH with my trusty Nemesis and see if I can find some hapless PI runner or miners or something.

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The Retribution for my sins…

Ok, the patch dropped.  CCP calls it an expansion, I call it a patch but we mean the same thing.  And as my long suffering Alliance Mates know, I am blissfully ignorant of the changes until I encounter them in space.  I do read “Jester” occasionally for updates but his rants have gotten a little tedious and I wish he was doing that CSM thing just so he gets under NDA and talks less.  But I digress, the short of it is, I know very little of upcoming changes until they hit me in the face.

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A double ganked Proteus

I know, I know, I promised a hiatus from playing and blogging but here it is, yet another story of our little Wormhole Academy having fun with our neighbors.  Now I have to say that we are not a real PvP outfit, with screaming FCs, primary-ing fleet members who are in non-authorized fits and CTAs that last for days.  We are pretty casual about it and tap shamelessly into the experience of our recruits.  We also have several relatively new players who came from nullsec corps and are vastly better in FC-ing than our instructors.  Great!  I shut up, and you tell me what to do.

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Wormhole Pingpong

And just as soon as I complain and whine about my oh-so-busy life and am feeling sorry for myself (woe is me!) I log in and poke my into our adjacent low security systen and found myself far from high sec in a system choked full with wrecks, a few POS-es, a ton of anoms and a single other player in a Loki Strategic cruiser.  Now we had a couple of guys coming online in my corp and I decided to see if I can take a look at the Loki, maybe even take a shot at him.

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no love among the pilots

Its late when I log in and my corp has thoroughly cleared the neighborhood of sleepers filling coffers, expending missiles and in the process scanned down our adjacent hole.  All is explored except a single C2 which has a mass critical connection, means any boat that jumps through it may find the wormhole collapse on them and their way home shut.  Of course, I can’t resist to stick my head through, after all, this goes both ways, the hunters don’t like the hole because it closes their way home, the hunted often feel safe behind a mass critical hole for the same reason.  This specific hole even says that collapse is imminent.   My bomber is equipped with a probe launcher so, in I go.  The hole flares and I find myself in D-scan range of two miners and a jet can.  Ohh….

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The Mouse that Roared

Friday night in EVE is a rare treat, I tend to go out with friends but everyone is traveling this long weekend, leaving me “stranded” in New Eden.

I settle in with an enormous glass of cheap red wine and a bag of sweet treats and all I miss to look like a real gamer is a 2L soda can under my table so I don’t need to leave the game for bathroom breaks.  I don’t drink soda, that is a problem.

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4 Covetors, 3 pods, 1 fun evening

Our little wormhole academy is in full swing – we have 4 pilots join us in our C2 this week and we have more interviewing.  Strangely, I was worried that the loss of advertisement from our former podcasting alliance leader would mean a drop in recruit quality or quantity but the opposite has been the case.  We get solid recruits through the forums and – of course – using our preferred method of shooting at them first, then telling them about our little academy. That has worked twice before and it shows me a couple of things, one, EVE is only as dark and mean as people make it and, two,  Wormholers are a strange breed – the isolation that we expose ourselves to forms a weird kinship even between opposing teams.

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To catch a Raven

Our little C2 had been neglected during the week and sleepers were allowed nest in its depth. With sleepers = ISK, these sites require attention and we set up a skeleton crew (2 Drakes, 1 watcher) to turn little red crosses in juicy salvage.  Our merry band is soon joined by 2 more pilots and I jump into my Catalyst Salvager to and start mopping up.

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Greed > brains

Some days, I wished I did the Role Play thing. Eve just has too much to offer.

I have written before about my most favorite ship in EVE Online, the Nemesis Stealthbomber. Curvaceous, nimble, vulnerable, secretive and deadly, this is a boat hard to master, easy to kill and feared with reason by enemies and pilots alike.  I fell in love with this ship the first time I flew it – then still the old hull design – and I have yet to find a ship that fits my playstyle better than this one.  Sure, there are Drakes and Tengus and Orcas and whatnot but they are utilitarian to me.  If I need to shoot sleepers, I take the Drake.  I don’t “want” to fly that thing but sometimes I have to.  The Nemesis however, I really enjoy.

And so today, my corp mate and I were scouting our neighbor after the customary PI management and in our C2 neighbor happened upon 2 Ferox Battlecruisers, a Drake, some wrecks, a Noctis Salvager and some pos-floating battleships.  My corp mate proceeded to find and identify all the POS in the system (4 of them, geez, what a fuel bill they must have) and I focused on trying to find the ships without probes for now.  We were too late to catch the Noctis, he was already nuzzled up to a Hangar Array back in the POS Shield by the time I got a bead on him. The Drake also vanished leaving the two Ferox somewhere in system.  Ship names always make me laugh since they often give the purpose of the ship away.  One of the Ferox was called “Can” something indicating that it was a converted to suck ladar sides dry.  Using a Ferox is a very common and relatively intelligent way to take down valuable gas, it has lots of high slots, a (small) drone bay to load ECM or Warrior IIs and can fit a very substantial tank.  They are not easy targets and we are looking for two of them.

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