Expectations are met

My last post was about my move to NOMEX and what my expectations were.  I had hoped for a low-class WH PvP-centric corporation with minimal (asymptotically approaching zero) drama and lots of lots pew-pew.  I am delighted to report that all my expectations were met.  Just a look at yesterday’s killboard and you get a feeling that this is a corporation that’s going out and shoots “all the things”. Continue reading


Next time bring a bubble

No ship was hurt in the making of this blog post.

Which was not the intent.  A few nights ago, our little team logged in and predictably found nothing of note in our constellation.  We rolled our C3 hole by forcing a few Orcas through (Studley is excellent at that) and Olari, Studley and I proceed to scan down the new constellation.   Between the three of us, we have me in a Arazu (Recon V but never got a kill in this boat, dang it) and a Falcon, Studley in a cloaky Tengu and Olari in his Proteus.

Olari jumps into the nullsec system and finds capsuleers that are online and active.  Yes, dear reader, people do actually live in nullsec and not just on Kugu.  This is – I believe – the first time in weeks where the nullsec hole is occupied and the locals are obviously blissfully ignorant of their new connection.  Olari proceeds to scan down a data site and aims to blow up a local attempting to hack it.

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