Counter Bait

A few nights ago, our merry band was rolling our static with the goal to gain access to riches, things to shoot and a better route out of our home.  We tended to get routes into Aridia which is – while scenic – not exactly easy to get supplies in or salvage out.  And we were getting a bit desperate.  Over the course of 2 weeks, we accumulated ~1.5bn ISK worth of sleeper loot and salvage and were keen to get this to market.

So, we rolled the hole and found a lovely place place with sleepers to shoot but we also saw a hauler, a Brutix and a Legion ghosting in the system.  Hm.  Probes were also visible, so we assumed that this is either a local team getting ready for some PvE or maybe it is another transient team looking for pew or an exit.

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