Just a quick one – I promise.  James_315 wrote one of his “EVE is dying” pamphlets over at “The Mittani” followed in short order by a sloppy little piece by “The Mittani” himself discussing the announcement that EVE has broken through 500k subscribers and personal taking credit for turning the company around (well, ok, he didn’t but he was close).   That is a little contradictory, isn’t it?

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My Heroes

Seismic Stan posted a new Blog Banter – and its one that I had to think about a little:

For Blog Banter 43 I would like to invite every participant to nominate their peers for whatever awards you think they deserve. Let’s start the year with some EVE-flavoured altruism and celebrate the best and the worst of us, the funniest or the most bizarre, the most heroic of the most tragic of the past year. They could be corpmates, adversaries, bloggers, podcasters, developers, journalists or inanimate objects. Go nuts.

My year in EVE was a sea-saw between many hours / day with my corp mates to build up the Wormhole Academy and flying entirely solo for days or running out of skill queue because RL did not allow me to log in even for a few minutes to throw something in.  In a similar vain, I have followed the community, going from reading 10 blogs / day to about 2-4 now.

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A bucket of tears

Dear Goons and Griefers,

please accept a bucket of tears from me as payment to the pathetic performance your King gave to his subjects, the hype followed by the fizzle burning Jita to the ground and the mindless, repetitive and unoriginal suicide ganking of industrial ships during Hulkageddon.  This bucket is full tears now but I have to inform you that they are not tears of rage or sadness but tears of boredom. I even bought Skyrim, that’s how bored I am.

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The role of Bloggers

The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.  Vladimir Lenin

This site started in 2009 a more or less private site – the aim was to collect my scattered thoughts about online social interactions with specific views to gaming.  I neglected it for over 2 years and only recently began writing a little for a genuine audience.  The first round was fiction, not because it was easy but because it was hard(1).  Honestly, I had never done it, had time over Christmas and was egged on by the great stories of my corp mate.  It was hard work to knock the first three chapters out – 90% in the review and editing, 10% actually writing.  Maybe in the future I do the Neal Stephenson thing and write longhand 😉

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