Wormhole Hobo

It really feels weird to be docked in a station – there is something unnatural about being invulnerable, visible and blind to the events outside.  Basically, its the exact opposite of being in a Wormhole.  But after 3 weeks of bumming with my team of alts through a myriad of holes, it is nice to take a break. I always imagine my Gallente characters visiting houses of ill repute while my lone Caldari character character is left inventorying the spoils of the trip.

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Too Soft for EVE

My characters are camping a C1 as explained here. I scan down all the things between conference calls and keep an eye on the system in case something exciting happens.

We have a low sec exit, I scanned it down 2hours ago.  I don’t have eyes on it, don’t even know where it leads.  I’ll do that later.  I have eyes on the POS and a Nullsec hole – that leads to goon space and had ~10 in local last time I checked.

First time I see the local resident!  He sits in his POS in a Drake.  Thats plenty of firepower to take down C1 sites and a perfect target for my waiting 2 Tengus.

Core Probes on D-scan. We have company.  Is it the the resident scanning down the system before running sites?  Please, oh please, please.

Still core probes.  Whoever is scanning isn’t fast.

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Funny how this year shapes itself as a repeat of last year.  First 2 months were pretty quiet and then in March all hell breaks loose in my real life.  In 2014, I nearly threw the towel on EVE and almost to the day a year later, I am at the exact same point.  Worn out, with too many flights and conferences under my belt, I am just too wiped for spaceships.

There is a difference though, last year, my RL crunch coincided with me having lost faith into CCP, I didn’t think I’d come back.  This year its different, I am actually curious what the future holds and how the game will change.  So, you can’t have my stuff yet.

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The Heist

Our  Academy is situated in a C2 class space which is often riddled with wormholes like old Swiss cheese.  So, on the weekend, we had a C1 connecting to us via K162 which in turn had a static high security hole.  I don’t know why people want to live in holes like this as they offer maximum risk (constant influx of bloodthirsty day trippers) and very little reward (worthless sleeper sites).  But people do live in it, often in spectacularly defended POS-es to protect themselves against invaders.

Overkill is Underrated

Example of a bubbled up POS.

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