2014 – Looking back

New Year’s EVE (see what I did there?) is upon us and with it the inevitable reflections one the year past and the New Year’s Resolutions for the next year.

Well, lets start – personally, it was a challenging year.  The company I work was bought out and my team and I had our hands full to keep the wheels running. Glad to say that nobody lost their job but its been a rocky ride.  This of course impacted on my game time and most of the spring and summer, I have been flat out too busy for EVE and I spent most of October / November on the road – again without access to games.

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New Player Training Session: Exploration Fleet!

CCP Gargant offered a newb course today in exploration with the promise to die gloriously in a wormhole.  The event was designed for newbs and I gingerly log my RvB toon in that has a total of 1.5mil SP, can fly a Gallente Frigate well and hit a barn door if it is really close and doesn’t move.  Only just.

Look, the time is about to be perfect for the fleet to form up and I gulp down a lunch sandwich like a snake swallows a rabbit, fill the glass, empty the bladder (TMI?  this stuff is important, newbs need to know all about the Battle Bottle) and tell the wife that I am working on something really important and that she should stay out of my way for a bit.  She kinda believes it since I am doing this on my laptop.  A misnomer.  If I actually had this thing on my lap while playing EVE, I’d been in hospital with 3rd degree burns to my private parts.  It pays to wear fire-proof Depends for more reasons than raiding.

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