The Heist

Our  Academy is situated in a C2 class space which is often riddled with wormholes like old Swiss cheese.  So, on the weekend, we had a C1 connecting to us via K162 which in turn had a static high security hole.  I don’t know why people want to live in holes like this as they offer maximum risk (constant influx of bloodthirsty day trippers) and very little reward (worthless sleeper sites).  But people do live in it, often in spectacularly defended POS-es to protect themselves against invaders.

Overkill is Underrated

Example of a bubbled up POS.

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The Empire Strikes Back…

Carebears Unite!  Gather your pitchforks, arm your Covetors, the enemy is upon thee.

Hulkageddon is one of those things in EVE I never understood.  Basically it is community organized event that incentivizes players to charge armed combat ships into unarmed mining ships and blow them up.  The combat ships are then targeted by the “police” (Concord, whatever) and themselves killed.  So, its suicide missions. The idea is to kill as many as possible and receive prizes and “tears”.  Its about as sporting as whacking a toddler, clubbing a baby seal or torturing a frog. It is straight bullying without cause, reason or – in EVE – online backstory.  Mindless, destructive aggression.  In other words, it is “terrorism” in its true form.

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My last post got a a little bit of attention in EVE Online community.  Ender Black for example left a nice remark despite me being rather critical of his conduct.  Very gracious but I think I owe him and myself a post on my attitude towards criminality, MMORPG and the real world.

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