EVE Meetup – DC – MD – VA

Call to Beers!  

Local MD, DC, VA crew, meetup.  CSM9 Candidate Sugar Kyle will attend.

When     Saturday March 15th 22nd 2014. 19:00 EDT.

Where   Dogfish Alehouse, Gaithersburg, MD: *
Why       Drink beer, talk spaceships. Eat dead, fried cow.

Join in-game Channel VADCMD.  Read more about it here:

*Last time was VA, we have a few people interested from Annapolis and Baltimore.


The real learning cliff – missions and corporations

The blogging echo chamber of EVE dissects the lack of player growth after every expansion and while much digital ink is spilled, the consensus is as follows:

  1. A new player gets attracted to the game by a friend or a grand story that made the press.
  2. The player is confused by the 1990’s click-fest that is EVE’s UI, the lack of instant-combat and the general game mechanic (why spend 20min to design your character when you will never see him?).
  3. The new player finds himself running starter missions, some real missions and gets comfortable
  4. The new player is either ganked, robbed or loses interest after realizing that missions are the endgame of EVE.
  5. The EVE chorus then squarely assigns blame to CCP to make High Sec and the starter experience “better” and is satisfied with itself.  Rinse and repeat for the next expansion.

But lets look at reality.  Is EVE really hard to get into? I don’t think so, its not harder than other games.  I bought Europa Universalis recently and while I was really looking forward to play it, I gave up after 10 minutes search to understand how the basic gameplay works.  I am sure there is a manual somewhere but generally, if you need a manual for a (software) product, its not well designed.

Other games like Planet Side 2 have a fairly complex mechanic of achieving objectives that is entirely opaque to me.  In PS-2, I join a squad, warp to them and assess the tactical situation, take cover and start healing / rezzing people. Why the squad attacks what it does, I have no clue.  Someone hacks something and things blink on my screen.  If the squad has real leadership, I try to follow the commands, otherwise, I just do my thing, have fun and really don’t care too much.

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Wormhole Class 3 Blitz Fleet


With the arrival of the Retribution expansion to Eve Online in December of 2012, the landscape of viable ships in fleet compositions changed dramatically. In particular, the newly-created role of “Tech 1 Logistics Cruiser” became a big thing, and immediately fleet commanders began experimenting with various doctrines incorporating these low-skillpoint ships… and for the most part, found them well-balanced and extremely useful. For several months after the release of the expansion, they remained a fairly rare sight, but these days it’s common to see several Scythes, Exequrors, Augorors, or Ospreys accompanying PvP fleets, and often dual-boxed accounts in hisec will have one in tow to provide additional repairs so that the primary ship can focus on putting out maximum damage.

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EVE has sound?

Since I can’t be in Iceland for Fanfest this year, I bought the stream and try to sneak in some viewing time at work – not so easy.  I don’t have real desk job and am constantly moving around talking to people.  But I really wanted to see the “EVE Symphony” – I love classical music and a fully orchestra can make game and film music incredibly epic.

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