Adapt or die

This week featured the most fascinating article on  It described the alternate universe of Serenity, the EVE Online instance that serves China exclusively.

One of EVE’s primary draws is that every player, from the lowest veldspar mining newbie, to the leaders of coalitions, all play in the same sandbox galaxy (that is, the Tranquility server). However, that’s not a completely true statement; there exists another EVE Realm, named “Serenity”, that hosts the Chinese playerbase of EVE. Angry Mustache

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Split personality?

People routinely confuse the medical terms Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality disorder.  Both are very serious conditions with millions of sufferers and limited treatment options.  So, one should hope that most people who use the internet do not suffer from these conditions.  However, I have read and heard too many times online people state that they adopt a different personality when online.  This is mostly used as an excuse when a perfectly nice person turns into a raving psychopath as soon as she hits the keyboard.  Whether or not the split of online and physical persona is sustainable in the long run where more and more of our real life moves online is a different discussion (I think, anonymity is overrated, privacy is underrated).

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About Friendship….

Society is currently undergoing rather substantial transformations, the one I mean to think about today is “friendship” and what it means nowadays.  Maybe there are many blogs and scientific papers written about it but I never looked at those.  Not because of arrogance but because I abhor channel flipping.   I’d like to stay with my topic for a while and not have it “contaminated” by the wisdom and insights of others.

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