Rubicon – Mobile Depots on SiSi – Metas

Just logged into SiSi and looked for new Rubicon stuff to play with.  I found the mobile depot (cool) and saw that it has metas already.  They dont seem to be on the market yet but here are the specs:

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Rubicon and Wormholes – Take 2

I recently wrote a quick and messy post about the upcoming Rubicon expansion. I did this from the only perspective I am qualified for – Wormholes. Since then, a few dev blogs have come out going into a lot more detail. The final word likely had the CCP guys at EVE Vegas, I caught their Rubicon presentation with about 3/4 brain while at work.

So, what follows is a Rubicon & Wormholes reloaded.

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Rubicon and Wormholes

CCP announced their winter expansion “Rubicon” this week and while the twitch was highly entertaining, it was – predictably at this stage – low on hard facts.

But thank god, we live in the bloggosphere where hard facts are icing on cake and absence of data has never stopped anyone from having an opinion. That alone should have prompted this post but the trigger was a quick exchange of comments in our alliance forum – bitter old vets rating this expansion as “meh” whereas my friend Thf and I have become paralyzed with joy and anticipation.  In this post, I shall explain my expectations of the new features as they pertain to WH dwellers.  I will freely hypothesize, so if you, dear reader, look for facts, contact your nearest soothsayer.

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