Chasing Squirrels

Sometimes I get it into my head that I am an awesome PvP-er, solo stalker, amazing pilot who wins with raw guile, smarts and superior scanning and scouting skills.  I am mistaken in this but it pleases me to live this fantasy for a few days and pretend I am all that I am not.  When the wanderlust becomes unbearable, my two characters deliberately lock themselves out of our home hole and drift with our static hole like ants trapped in a soap bubble.

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Counter Bait

A few nights ago, our merry band was rolling our static with the goal to gain access to riches, things to shoot and a better route out of our home.  We tended to get routes into Aridia which is – while scenic – not exactly easy to get supplies in or salvage out.  And we were getting a bit desperate.  Over the course of 2 weeks, we accumulated ~1.5bn ISK worth of sleeper loot and salvage and were keen to get this to market.

So, we rolled the hole and found a lovely place place with sleepers to shoot but we also saw a hauler, a Brutix and a Legion ghosting in the system.  Hm.  Probes were also visible, so we assumed that this is either a local team getting ready for some PvE or maybe it is another transient team looking for pew or an exit.

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On Assignment

I think I mentioned before that I parked my main character in the C4 of our sister corporation Z3R0 Return Mining. They had lousy routes and I had parked myself for a few days in some Amarr high sec station, watching the world pass by. High sec still makes gives me the weird feeling that I get when I return from a lengthy backpacking trip back to the trailhead. The first sight of a car, the smell of asphalt in the sun is as alien and new to me as the experience of a warp gate and watching incredibly expensive or very vulnerable ships mill around docking stations. D-scan shows me miners in belts and I catch myself asking if they are a trap or if I could risk it. But no, its not a trap, they are in High Sec and reasonably safe.
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A new perspective – welcome TXG Sync

Edit: I just realized that this was post number 100. Hooray!


When I log into the game now, I get greeted by our recruits with friendly but persistent hackling about my accidental shootout with TXG Sync – one of our newer pilots. He is an awesome guy, great pilot and has not succumbed to bitter vet status. Neither have I. When does that start btw, is that like midlife crisis?

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Fight of the vultures

Man, its busy.  We have new recruits coming into the hole who desire fame, fortune and wrecks and shall receive.  Our corp just paid out > 1.2bn ISK to members in loot  / salvage alone, ore, gas and PI stuff come extra.  So, damn, bad time to be a sleeper in our neighborhood…. We are still recruiting but are switching over to EU / UK time now so we are building up our transatlantic teams.

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POS Slapstick

Milling around our home system, Skip and I were awaiting the arrival of our newest recruit and decided to review our  defenses.  We have the WH-usual “Dickstar” with a few guns thrown in to annoy the casual interlopers.  But it can always be tweaked and Skip had kindly dropped a few shuttles into one of our new warp bubbles.  The idea is of course that some hapless scout finds himself trapped, decloaked and subsequently without a ship.  This doesn’t happen all the time but it does occasionally and is very satisfying.

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The Mouse that Roared

Friday night in EVE is a rare treat, I tend to go out with friends but everyone is traveling this long weekend, leaving me “stranded” in New Eden.

I settle in with an enormous glass of cheap red wine and a bag of sweet treats and all I miss to look like a real gamer is a 2L soda can under my table so I don’t need to leave the game for bathroom breaks.  I don’t drink soda, that is a problem.

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To catch a Raven

Our little C2 had been neglected during the week and sleepers were allowed nest in its depth. With sleepers = ISK, these sites require attention and we set up a skeleton crew (2 Drakes, 1 watcher) to turn little red crosses in juicy salvage.  Our merry band is soon joined by 2 more pilots and I jump into my Catalyst Salvager to and start mopping up.

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