A new experience

Well, my little ambush in a site-running C1 / Blackhole didn’t quite work out, the locals appeared to be online somewhere but were not considerate enough to show themselves in ships that I could take down. Or show themselves at all.  By now, time had severed our static connections and my little fleet of alts had floated away from their empire base like ants trapped in a soap bubble.  When I scanned down the new connection, I found myself miles and miles from nowhere.

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Faction War Bar Fight

I have been active in the EVE Online Faction War for about only 1 1/2 weeks and participated in maybe 4 real fleets, all with the objective to hunt the evil Caldari and look for a good brawl.  None of that “strategic” stuff.  The fleets varied in quality from highly disciplined, awesome and fun to “meh” and the deciding factor were always the fleet commander and the scout FC.  Some were just superb and I learned at lot about fleet communication from them.

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For the Federation!

A couple of weeks ago, Oreb Wing commented on this blog on the merits of joining Faction Warfare – FW – for plex and glory.  Oreb and I flew before in Z3R0 Return Mining (C4) and he has been subject of one of my slightly more introspective posts. So when he recommended to come out and fly with the militia, I did not hesitate.  I always wanted to know about FW which struck me as the smartest non-sovereignty PvP mechanism in the game.  It promised good fights in cheap ships with the added advantage that I can stay fairly independent.  No CTAs, no corporate doctrines etc.  Just join the militia, get some frigates and off I go.  But you fight for a reason.  And thats the difference.

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