Counter Bait

A few nights ago, our merry band was rolling our static with the goal to gain access to riches, things to shoot and a better route out of our home.  We tended to get routes into Aridia which is – while scenic – not exactly easy to get supplies in or salvage out.  And we were getting a bit desperate.  Over the course of 2 weeks, we accumulated ~1.5bn ISK worth of sleeper loot and salvage and were keen to get this to market.

So, we rolled the hole and found a lovely place place with sleepers to shoot but we also saw a hauler, a Brutix and a Legion ghosting in the system.  Hm.  Probes were also visible, so we assumed that this is either a local team getting ready for some PvE or maybe it is another transient team looking for pew or an exit.

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Anatomy of a Whoopin

Our little C2 WH academy currently has a house guest, a gentleman with a short army of alts, an impressive killboard record and the patience and skill to make pretty much all operation hazardous at best, suicidal at worst. His strategy is to hang out in an active wormhole – of which there are very few and ours is one of them – and basically camp it until he is bored, the locals shut down operations or some token ransom is paid.

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A double ganked Proteus

I know, I know, I promised a hiatus from playing and blogging but here it is, yet another story of our little Wormhole Academy having fun with our neighbors.  Now I have to say that we are not a real PvP outfit, with screaming FCs, primary-ing fleet members who are in non-authorized fits and CTAs that last for days.  We are pretty casual about it and tap shamelessly into the experience of our recruits.  We also have several relatively new players who came from nullsec corps and are vastly better in FC-ing than our instructors.  Great!  I shut up, and you tell me what to do.

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