With the departure of TXG to better and greener pastures, this blog will lose a great writer and connoisseur of fine story telling.  And while the EVE blogosphere is better for it, his departure will force my remaining two readers to learn about my smaller adventures, little skirmishes and mishaps on my way through New Eden.

So, lets see. What I have been up to?

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is nullsec calcified?

My morning reading now includes – a site that at least doesn’t claim to be unbiased, the articles are reasonably informative and neither comments nor articles hurt my grammar-sensitive eyes by too many misuses of “their, there, they’re”.  In short, its like reading “Bild“, a guilty pleasure that even the educated get away with occasionally – if only whilst pretending to “feel the pulse of the man on the street”.  Or some other trite analogy.

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