The bleating of sheep

It appears that the entire EVE blogosphere has polarized itself into 2 camps, those who defend Highsec miners and those who see them as target for some reason or the other.  The maelstrom of blog posts has sucked in writers who normally deliver original and readable content but currently seem content to put out unreadable walls of text.

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A bucket of tears

Dear Goons and Griefers,

please accept a bucket of tears from me as payment to the pathetic performance your King gave to his subjects, the hype followed by the fizzle burning Jita to the ground and the mindless, repetitive and unoriginal suicide ganking of industrial ships during Hulkageddon.  This bucket is full tears now but I have to inform you that they are not tears of rage or sadness but tears of boredom. I even bought Skyrim, that’s how bored I am.

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Personal responsibility is dead. Long live the EULA

I followed the Mittani Debacle from a distance and only with the occasional glance at the official forums.  Basically, the man got drunk, said really dumb things, realized it, apologized and is now being burned at a stake Salem-style.  No flame burns as hot as that of religious fury and the the witch hunt of the Mittani has drawn out the villagers, their torches and pitchforks.  All, of course, in the righteous defense of a helpless and innocent victim of Mittani’s devilish schemes.

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The Empire Strikes Back…

Carebears Unite!  Gather your pitchforks, arm your Covetors, the enemy is upon thee.

Hulkageddon is one of those things in EVE I never understood.  Basically it is community organized event that incentivizes players to charge armed combat ships into unarmed mining ships and blow them up.  The combat ships are then targeted by the “police” (Concord, whatever) and themselves killed.  So, its suicide missions. The idea is to kill as many as possible and receive prizes and “tears”.  Its about as sporting as whacking a toddler, clubbing a baby seal or torturing a frog. It is straight bullying without cause, reason or – in EVE – online backstory.  Mindless, destructive aggression.  In other words, it is “terrorism” in its true form.

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