Too Soft for EVE

My characters are camping a C1 as explained here. I scan down all the things between conference calls and keep an eye on the system in case something exciting happens.

We have a low sec exit, I scanned it down 2hours ago.  I don’t have eyes on it, don’t even know where it leads.  I’ll do that later.  I have eyes on the POS and a Nullsec hole – that leads to goon space and had ~10 in local last time I checked.

First time I see the local resident!  He sits in his POS in a Drake.  Thats plenty of firepower to take down C1 sites and a perfect target for my waiting 2 Tengus.

Core Probes on D-scan. We have company.  Is it the the resident scanning down the system before running sites?  Please, oh please, please.

Still core probes.  Whoever is scanning isn’t fast.

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Behind Enemy Lines – Part 1

Well, so this is Part 1 of my current adventure.  Bob only knows if there ever will be a Part 2, it depends on many things, most of them have guns.

While my EVE home is – and will stay – a wormhole, sometimes I get wanderlust and head out to try other things.  In the past, I joined RvB, then FW and I had a good time playing something completely different.  Recently, I had been itching again to go out and do something I had thought about for a long time.

Everyone knows that EVE is dying and that nullsec is stagnant.  Its a known fact, the internet says so.  Well, instead of lamenting like the Goons do constantly, I thought, well, lets take a look.  If Nullsec really is this empty, I can scout a scanner alt in via gates and have him run Data and Relic sites and – when the coast is clear – scout a Wormhole route to offload my loot and maybe scout another character in with a PvE ship.  And while PvE is the goal, maybe, just maybe I find some carebears that I can drop the hammer on as well.  Just saying.

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