Greed > brains

Some days, I wished I did the Role Play thing. Eve just has too much to offer.

I have written before about my most favorite ship in EVE Online, the Nemesis Stealthbomber. Curvaceous, nimble, vulnerable, secretive and deadly, this is a boat hard to master, easy to kill and feared with reason by enemies and pilots alike.  I fell in love with this ship the first time I flew it – then still the old hull design – and I have yet to find a ship that fits my playstyle better than this one.  Sure, there are Drakes and Tengus and Orcas and whatnot but they are utilitarian to me.  If I need to shoot sleepers, I take the Drake.  I don’t “want” to fly that thing but sometimes I have to.  The Nemesis however, I really enjoy.

And so today, my corp mate and I were scouting our neighbor after the customary PI management and in our C2 neighbor happened upon 2 Ferox Battlecruisers, a Drake, some wrecks, a Noctis Salvager and some pos-floating battleships.  My corp mate proceeded to find and identify all the POS in the system (4 of them, geez, what a fuel bill they must have) and I focused on trying to find the ships without probes for now.  We were too late to catch the Noctis, he was already nuzzled up to a Hangar Array back in the POS Shield by the time I got a bead on him. The Drake also vanished leaving the two Ferox somewhere in system.  Ship names always make me laugh since they often give the purpose of the ship away.  One of the Ferox was called “Can” something indicating that it was a converted to suck ladar sides dry.  Using a Ferox is a very common and relatively intelligent way to take down valuable gas, it has lots of high slots, a (small) drone bay to load ECM or Warrior IIs and can fit a very substantial tank.  They are not easy targets and we are looking for two of them.

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