Personal responsibility is dead. Long live the EULA

I followed the Mittani Debacle from a distance and only with the occasional glance at the official forums.  Basically, the man got drunk, said really dumb things, realized it, apologized and is now being burned at a stake Salem-style.  No flame burns as hot as that of religious fury and the the witch hunt of the Mittani has drawn out the villagers, their torches and pitchforks.  All, of course, in the righteous defense of a helpless and innocent victim of Mittani’s devilish schemes.

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My last post got a a little bit of attention in EVE Online community.  Ender Black for example left a nice remark despite me being rather critical of his conduct.  Very gracious but I think I owe him and myself a post on my attitude towards criminality, MMORPG and the real world.

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