Mission Accomplished

Our corp in EVE Online has been through an interesting growth phase.  We had some issues, lost good people, owned 2 wormholes (a C2 and a C) and generally were spread too thin.  The decision was made to close one of the two holes, sell the C2  and move everyone out to a new C4.  Sounds easy in practice but it was a rather massive undertaking considering that we had 6 or so towers to tear down, shuttle everything out to high sec, find a new C4 and do it all again in reverse.  It was weeks of “work” during which we made no ISK but the corp also lost a few haulers (Orcas even, one with a Tengu in the bay) and mood was pretty low.

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EVE is too real…

Just a really quick comment about the story on Mittens and his comments at the Fanfest.  I had watched the panel stream for 5 minutes and when I realized that nothing of value will be said and that it will only be a display of frat-boy bravado, turned the sound off.  I just thought “uh-oh what will The Mittani do, he is last in the panel and by definition has to top everything”.  And he did – I turned the volume back on and wish I had not.  It was a deeply disappointing performance of someone who rode on the good will of 10k+ EVE accounts into a leadership position bringing nothing but stale jokes, pretend drunkenness, exaggerated swagger and nothing substantive to say about the Goons, himself, the game or anything that mattered.  I had expected him to be outrageously funny, dark and brutal but in a controlled  and measured way – the way leaders need to be.  Instead I saw a pathetic, sad little man with ugly beard and stupid wizard hat doing its best to insult all who voted for him.

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With great power….

.. comes great responsibility. A saying attributed to Voltaire and widely used as a caution to the opposite side of the insight that ““Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” by Lord Acton.  Both are written from the viewpoint of someone without power, of course and that is where the dichotomy lies.  We are aware that power carries a burden but we seek it nonetheless.

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How do you motivate gamers?

I am not CEO of my Wormhole corp in EVE Online – thank god.  It is about as much work as being a real CEO but it will never put real bread on the real table.  As a pure hobby, it is an inordinate amount of work and often thankless.  CEOs of MMORPG routinely burn out and quit the game or have other forms of personal events that are upsetting and unsavory.

So while I know little about leading a game corp, I know a fair amount about how real life (RL in gamer parlance) companies work.

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