I killed an Erebus with my Iskhur

Dear and Cherished Reader, I am the Top PvP fighter in our alliance.  The big kahuna, the top gun.  Just call me “boss” from now on, no further genuflections are strictly required.

I killed an Erebus in my Assault Frigate.


This will never happen again...

This will never happen again…

I may have had a little help.


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Wormhole alliance are by nature dispersed all over the universe and combining fleets is sometimes a bit challenging.  Our Alliance (Illusion of Solitude and yes we are recruiting) is no exceptions.  We see each other on Jabber / TS all the time but we don’t fly that often with each other.  Only to whack a Wormhole, defend our brethren or roam drunk.

Yes, IOS has drunk roams and they end in disaster, mayhem and annihilation of ships and hepatocytes alike.  On these days, those of us who can make it, stream from our holes like bearded mountain men of yonder, muskets loaded, flasks filled with moonshine.  We assemble somewhere central and buy random ships that we happen to like the sound of.  Our European fleet mates have a crucial advantage – they started drinking 4-7 hours earlier.  Our US contingent is wanton to catch up and the sweet sound of cans opening, ice cubes rattling and corks popping fills the TeamSpeak ether.

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Celebrity Duck Hunt

The fine folks of Crossing Zebras organized a Free For All in Asakai.  Specifically, they invited all EVE personalities, bloggers, podcasters etc and our Alliance of course needed to show up.  We are EVE famous after all (well, we think we are).  But real life had been iffy for me and I wasn’t sure whether I could make it – last minute decision and I brought my (extremely young) RvB pilot in.  He can fly an Atron, use blasters, web and scram and runs out of cap when warping to the nearest toilet.  He is not very skilled.  Oh, and he has an insufficient clone.  Oh, and I didn’t get a chance to bring ships closer – 12 jumps for my stash.  This could be a short evening….

Well, below a couple of short videos of our team hunting in Asakai… Enjoy.

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Faction War Bar Fight

I have been active in the EVE Online Faction War for about only 1 1/2 weeks and participated in maybe 4 real fleets, all with the objective to hunt the evil Caldari and look for a good brawl.  None of that “strategic” stuff.  The fleets varied in quality from highly disciplined, awesome and fun to “meh” and the deciding factor were always the fleet commander and the scout FC.  Some were just superb and I learned at lot about fleet communication from them.

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Wormhole Pingpong

And just as soon as I complain and whine about my oh-so-busy life and am feeling sorry for myself (woe is me!) I log in and poke my into our adjacent low security systen and found myself far from high sec in a system choked full with wrecks, a few POS-es, a ton of anoms and a single other player in a Loki Strategic cruiser.  Now we had a couple of guys coming online in my corp and I decided to see if I can take a look at the Loki, maybe even take a shot at him.

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