Summer has started

I noticed summer had started when my European colleagues have “out of office” messages that read something like this:

Dear customer or colleague, I am out of the office from May 24th to September 1st. I will not check my work email and only use my laptop to play games and make sure my pay checks have cleared.  If you have any urgent issues, please do not mail me, I won’t receive it and I won’t care. Since all my colleagues are also off at the same time, nobody will answer.

When I come back, I will likely be so exhausted from my vacation that I will take a month sick leave.  Or I will be pregnant in which case I will take 5 years paid maternity leave.

Have a nice summer

What that means for me?  Not much, I work in the US where the messages are something like this:

Dear customer or colleague, I am out of the office from May 24th 9pm to May 25th 4am.  In urgent cases, call my cell phone that I had surgically implanted and that can not be turned off. If I don’t answer within 3 rings, it will be forwarded to my supervisor and the HR department so that I may apply for fair and severe punishment.  Since I don’t know if I have a job when I return, please call the office switchboard who will be delighted to connect you to myself or my successor.



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All in the valley of Death

Survivor’s guilt, there is no other word to describe it.

It hurts in the stomach, the shame of living whereas all my friends and fleetmates died in glorious combat. Where was I when it happened?  Fast asleep.

But lets start at the beginning.

Our C5 crew is developing a notoriety for bashful combat and seeking out big fights.  They win, they lose but they never back down which is what EVE is all about.  I flew with them a few times and its always a blast, they know what they are doing.  And when the jabber and forum pings came up yesterday that they needed assistance, I only thought which ship to bring, not whether to go.

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Situation Awareness – Bombers

The third installment of my quick series how to live in EVE’s wormhole space.  It is not really a guide, more a personal journal.  Comments and corrections are very welcome.  

Its curious that I still get many google hits for “Nemesis Fit EVE”. I can only pity the fool desperately searching the interwebs for fitting advice of this unloved bomber and as last ditch end here.  I am not qualified for fitting advice – I tend to copy my fits from my lossmails  🙂

But lets talk bombers – my favorite ship in New Eden.

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Playing with the Neighbor – Part 2

So, here we are, just blew up a Legion in our neighbor C4 at the cost of a Stealth Bomber and a couple of Ruptures.  We are not doing badly here.  The opposition sobs inside their POS with their tail between their legs and likely have no ships left that could oppose us.  They have disrespected us, we are hyped on adrenaline and we are keen to follow through with our plan to bash one of their brand new POS-es.  But blowing up a tower is not something we have ever done – we took potshots before annoy people but we never really did it in an organized way.

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To catch a Raven

Our little C2 had been neglected during the week and sleepers were allowed nest in its depth. With sleepers = ISK, these sites require attention and we set up a skeleton crew (2 Drakes, 1 watcher) to turn little red crosses in juicy salvage.  Our merry band is soon joined by 2 more pilots and I jump into my Catalyst Salvager to and start mopping up.

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