Adjusting to Reality

EVE is real, the old saying goes and of course its correct.  EVE is a component of all our lives whether we play it solo every few weeks or take out fleet after fleet and guide fellow pilots to victory.  By definition, if you are playing EVE, you are not doing anything else at that time and EVE has become the reality for you.  The big question is not whether EVE is real but how much of Real is EVE, there is only that much to go around.

And based on that calculation, I decided that I can’t participate in any meaningful way in Noir. anymore and dropped corp yesterday.  I knew this was coming about 3 weeks ago and delayed it since I really did not want to click that “leave corp” button.  I worked hard on getting into Noir., deliberately took the long route via Noir. Academy and earned my invite based on participation and willingness to learn from my dumb mistakes.  I adapted pretty well to changing roles, I even did logistics for no other than Alekseyev Karrde and lived to tell the tale (Aleks has a fearsome reputation as FC with zero tolerance for fuckwits)). Continue reading

Big Boy Ships

So, I mentioned before that our mercenary outfit is deployed somewhere and is shooting at ships that appear red on my overview.  Thats about the level on intel I have but unless you – dear, smart and handsome reader – live under an asteroid, you know that a multitude of parties are currently fighting the big, bad wolf called the CFC or Imperium or (goons + pets) or – if you are Gevlon and for your sake, I truly hope you are not – Emporium.

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Viva Las Vegas

Was traveling last week again and hence EVE time was much curtailed.  Managed to sneak in a little PvP – in low sec this time.  Note to self, engaging a T3 destroyer with an interceptor is generally not a good idea.  However that guy had annoyed the FC and I was ordered to tackle / hold and serve as warp-in for the fleet.  It worked.  There are kill and loss of the week – nothing to be proud of but hey, 2 ships added to the economy.

In off hours, I have been running a few L4 missions with my alt – yes, I ground some standings – not so hard after all.  He doesn’t fly a battleship and I decided to break out the Tengu, gankers be damned – its a cheap one.  But it turns out that I am nearly as fast in most missions by using my Jackdaw – even for LvL 4 missions, the thing is the beast.  The webbing and scramming frigates pop much faster than if I was slugging it out with my Tengu and anything cruiser-size I can speed tank.  Battleships take a long time to kill, especially since this character can’t fit T2 Light Missile Launchers yet, so its T1 all the way.

To be honest it feels terribly imbalanced – where others use 250mil + battleships, I use a ISK 50 mil (ish) destroyer with very similar effect.  Something has to give in the long run, either the Jackdaw needs to be nerfed or the missions beefed up. But for now, I am having fun – this method actually involves quite a bit of manual piloting.  I am wondering if the Jackdaw would be good for C1 WH farming – it has a probe launcher in case my scout gets locked out (important) but of course no cloak like my Stratios.  Hm.

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