back from the wilderness

My RL is still controlling my game time and while a forced break from EVE is cathartic, it is also frustrating.  Wormhole corporations rely on teamwork and I can not contribute in a meaningful way.  Fuel needs to be brought in, routes need to be scanned down and of course, sleepers need to be shot.   I know all this, see my buddies on jabber forming up and I can’t come.  Its annoying.

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Life in a wormhole is rarely predicable which is both its allure and its downfall.  Pilots desiring content have to create it themselves and the worst enemy of a WH corporation is someone who logs in, looks if something happening and – if not – logs off and plays DOTA.  Wormholes are not like that, Incursions maybe or lowsec but we blaze our own path.

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Situation Awareness – Bombers

The third installment of my quick series how to live in EVE’s wormhole space.  It is not really a guide, more a personal journal.  Comments and corrections are very welcome.  

Its curious that I still get many google hits for “Nemesis Fit EVE”. I can only pity the fool desperately searching the interwebs for fitting advice of this unloved bomber and as last ditch end here.  I am not qualified for fitting advice – I tend to copy my fits from my lossmails  🙂

But lets talk bombers – my favorite ship in New Eden.

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How does pjharvey do this?

Occasionally, I get the itch, disrupt my senseless standing grind for Duvalle Labs, I have no idea how to do that research agent thing anyway and I am just bored of the same mission ideas over and over again.  I miss WH space and so I scan down a WH with my trusty Nemesis and see if I can find some hapless PI runner or miners or something.

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The Retribution for my sins…

Ok, the patch dropped.  CCP calls it an expansion, I call it a patch but we mean the same thing.  And as my long suffering Alliance Mates know, I am blissfully ignorant of the changes until I encounter them in space.  I do read “Jester” occasionally for updates but his rants have gotten a little tedious and I wish he was doing that CSM thing just so he gets under NDA and talks less.  But I digress, the short of it is, I know very little of upcoming changes until they hit me in the face.

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Fight of the vultures

Man, its busy.  We have new recruits coming into the hole who desire fame, fortune and wrecks and shall receive.  Our corp just paid out > 1.2bn ISK to members in loot  / salvage alone, ore, gas and PI stuff come extra.  So, damn, bad time to be a sleeper in our neighborhood…. We are still recruiting but are switching over to EU / UK time now so we are building up our transatlantic teams.

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The Sleepover – Part 2

My RL is pretty busy right and now and I don’t get to play / blog much.  Its not that I am taking a real break, its just all a little slower.  All PI is turned off, recruitment is handled very competently by Skip and I enjoy the relative freedom to log in and just hang out, chat with friends and experiment with ships (I bought an Ishkur, great fun!).  But WH stalking is still my favorite pastime and at some point,  “borrowed” our CEO’s bomber (thank you), refitted it to my liking, packed a few hundred torpedoes and went onto an adventure, starting in a C6 that had opened up to us.  I really wanted to see if I could drop a Noctis full of C6 sleeper loot after my last attempt had failed due to the irritating competence of the opposing team…

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